Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva La Vida (Coldplay)

A song where Jon Schmidt arranged for her cute 7 years old daughter, Sarah, who loves the song Love Story by Taylor Swift.

The MTV of Love Story by Taylor Swift could be found in this link. Certainly one of my favourite song.

And i too enjoy listening to the music very much. Its totally awesome... ^^

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whats FMA?

Last Monday after our 2 hours badminton session, we proceed to the nearby hawker stalls and had our dinner. It was then 3 of us, including me, had this conversation. I've forgotten whats that actually triggered us to bring up this topic, nonetheless, it good to have a wild laughter from time to time.

Do be warned that the below conversation would be quite chor, harsh... Yynn, dont read. I dont want your mom and dad to kill me later. LOL. Well, its another topic that us typical guys would talk about... FMA 2.

Jimmy: Whats FMA?
Dann: Huh? Err... Female... Magazine... Action. Yes, Female Magazine Action!
Henrick: *laugh*
Jimmy: Whats FMA lar...
Dann: No no, its Female Magnificent Act.
Henrick: *laugh*
Dann: *wink*
Jimmy: *zzzzz*
Dann: Okay, its a 350MB file per episode. Its a 1024x720 resolution, so with my new geek in town, my new LCD screen, its superbly fantastic. The picture quality; the color sharpness; the image fluency are just too brilliant!
Dann: There's only one word that can fully explained what it feels inside... SONG!!!
Henrick: *laugh*

Dann: Oh yea, and the best part of all, it comes with subtitle! The hard sub. So whatever words they say or noises they make, like "Ah Ei Oo Ah Ei", will also be translated... IN DETAILED. Thus you can clearly understand what they are talking or trying to do.
Jimmy: *laugh*
Henrick: *laugh*

Henrick: Inside the 23 minutes, there's a guy who will happily show you his body when you're bored! He will strip off his top uniform, yes he's wearing uniform, and proudly show it to you like its the most beautiful thing on earth!
Dann: *laugh*
Jimmy: *laugh*
Dann: LOL. His name is Armstrong! ARMSTRONG!!! Louis ARMSTRONG!!!
Jimmy: *swt-ness*
Dann: If you dont know him, probably you'll arm-teh. But if you look at him long enough, your feeling towards him will changed. You'll start to arm-syiok that fella.
Jimmy: *laugh*
Henrick: Yea yea, he can also shoot something out from his hand!
Dann: Yea, and it can spin. It can spin!
Jimmy: *laugh*
Henrick: *laugh*

Henrick: There's another thing. Before they all do anything, they'll draw circles!
Jimmy: *laugh*
Dann: *laugh*
Jimmy: Do you mean like Mr.Bean in the art class? Got banana too?
Dann: I dont see any banana there, i just saw circles. But when it comes out, it got some lights! *do some hand motion*
Henrick: *laugh*
Jimmy: *swt-ness* Shyt lar you all...

Dann: LOL. Hey, i know what you like. *grin* The bad girl inside always wear a black leather!!! Or was it PVC type of clothing? Sadly she doesnt use any whip. But her fingers are enough to kill you!
Henrick: *laugh*
Jimmy: *swt-ness*

While walking back to Permata...
Henrick: Do you want to watch? I can lend you, it have 50 episodes in the first season. Now's the second season already.
Jimmy: What is FMA anyway? I want to watch, but i dont think i can finish it soon. I got works to do.
Dann: Aiyah, dont worry. When you start to watch, you'll be addicted to it, its like consuming drug. Once it starts, you cant possibly stop! Cause i definitely believe you'll find pleasure and excitement in watching FMA!
Henrick: *laugh*
Jimmy: *swt-ness*

Dear readers, incase you're still wondering whats FMA, it stands for FullMetal Alchemist. Its was a big hit back then, now new season is released. For more review, you can visit my friend's blog. I've just added another anime to my weekly download list. FullMetal Alchemist 2: The Brotherhood.

Edward and Alphonse Elric

To clear up some doubts, Alex Louis Armstrong is one of many State Alchemists. With a very well build body figure, thats why he's proud of showing off them off.

Alex Louis Armstrong

As for the circles, they are the transmutation circle. They are to be drawn before performing any alchemy activities.

transmutation circle

Last but not least, the woman in the black leather. She is part of homunculi, artificially created humans who seek to fulfill their leader's goals of creating Philosopher's Stone. Her name is Lust, and she's always seen with Gluttony. Do you know, the antagonists are named after the 7 Deadly Sins. Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Sloth and Pride. Lost? You just have to watch it to understand what im saying.


...and this is Lust in person.
Jimmy, are you attracted to her? =P

So were you thinking? =P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Samsung LCD 943SNX

PIKOM PC Fair was held again last weekend at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA). My big bulky monitor became malfunction last Wednesday, since it was like 5 years old and started to show signs of non-stop breakdown, causing me continuous disappointment, its time to pay for a new service.

Thus, i decided join the hunt for a new LCD screen.

Well, my requirements are simple. 18.5" or 19", and my budget only permit me to spend around RM400. Of cause, it have to be SPECIAL, as in stylish, sleekly, smooth and suave. I know that it doesnt usually defined a product, since specifications are a major consideration, but its must have to be something that could catch my attention. LOL. I think i should practice realism.

After walking some distance, past many stalls and booths that promotes numerous goods, i came to this item. Samsung LCD 943SNX.

Instantly, i fall in love. Its like love on first sight. It makes your knees weak; your heart came falling out. I was just head over heels for it. LOL. It wasnt that hype, but it certainly draws me closer to it. Its like hypnotizing me to own it. Or was it the X-Men Origins: Wolverine's trailer that got me attracted to it? Never mind.

None the less, it met all my requirements. The inches. Widescreen. RM399. Its from Samsung, a well trusted brand. And the best part of all, its a touch screen! So... i've decided to buy it.

My Samsung LCD Screen model 943SNX

The specifications, though i wasnt too sure whats some of it refers to...
- Size: 18.5" Wide
- Brightness: 250cd/m^2
- Contrast Ratio: DC 15000:1(1000:1)(Typ.)
- Resolution: 1360 x 768
- Response Time: 5ms
- Video Signal: Analog RGB
- Wall-Mount: VESA 75mm
- Special Features: MagicBright3, Off Timer, Image Sizen Color Effect, Customized Key, MagicWizard & MagicTune with Asset Management, Window Vista Basic, Multiscreen Software, Safe Mode
- Function: Tilt

Immediately i fix it when i reached home. The end result, its FANTASTIC! Worth every penny spend (not mentioning it burned a hole in my pocket). Truly im amazed by it. The color, resolution, pixel, sharpness. Aww.. *heart*

Now watching Heroes, just getting better with the new toy...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amazing PhiPhi Island & Phuket Video Clip

Yes, i noticed that i havent been blogging for quite some time now. Its just that nothing fresh came into my mind to blog about. Nothing much i could to tell, nothing much i could to write, and little do i have things to elaborate.

However, this entry would be quite interesting. Still remember last month i went to PhiPhi Island and Phuket for holidays? Yup, my colleague just came out with a 6 minutes plus clip of us. Many were involved in contributing the idea, provided snippet of scenes, generating wordings and searching for the suitable mp3.

It our first production from the Royal Family, mainly because of Sultan and Hamba's influence. Probably it might not look to be the best with loads catchy scenes, but basically, we got it done in the end. A sense of accomplishment. Hail Hamba CS in his masterpiece. Enjoy...

our clip...

the second revision, enhanced trailer!

Its 60.5MB, and it took me quite a handful amount of time to upload to YouTube. The actual size of all the clips choke up to 11GB... *stunned*.

P.S. I si pek love the beach boys' song...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tsunami Thailand 2004 in Phi Phi Island

Do you still remember that i've been to Thailand last month? That place, Phi Phi Island, was a victim of the Tsunami in year 2004. Look at the clip below. Its taken from Youtube, and that place was actually the beach where we first landed on Phi Phi Island.

The attap house, GONE. Sampan and boat, GONE. Everything alone the beach, GONE.

Luckily i was there 5 years later, and its been renovated. Redesigned and renew. Lovely place, gosh, i miss my holiday trip in Thailand.