Monday, March 30, 2009


Should i be prescribed with medicine?

I've been going through sleepless night for couple of days now. I could only rest my body, but not my mind. Each time i close my eyes; my mind would begin to wonder around. As far as things are concern, im not experiencing astral projection. Im afraid to try it either. Would you tuck me to sleep?

Both have equal hours under their sleeves, but the night seems to be getting much longer than the day, or was it the day who flew faster than the night? Storms in my head; rains in my bed. Irregular heartbeat. Troubling thoughts; seeking reasons; making believe. Tired mind; swollen eyes; hidden truth. Would you still tuck me to sleep?

Looks like the omen is true afterall...

My sis once said i was getting too hard on myself. Trying to be responsible for everything that happened, taking blame when things doesnt go the way it should be. Pretty true i guess. Learning to let go. I stumbled upon a comment that somehow lift my day a little. It was from the other indecisive Libran.

just remember that everything happens for some reason
and sometimes, it's for the better
like this morning, i was taking a break from studying, and i end up here
so i could offer you a pat on your shoulder
and tell you that there will be sunshine after the rain
you just have to let the rain pass...

Thanks for reading, none of the above are real. They were just illustration from my mind. And no, i dont need medicine.

Im just in a crossroad, which i dont know where should i go... Afraid, confused, without a roadmap. Lost my sense of direction. The consequences of bearing whatever circumstances that come what may, or the path where i'll be finding it hard to let go. Is it really there, somewhere on the other side of hard work, faith and belief? And beyond heartache and fear of what lies ahead?

Crash And Burn, anyone wants to sing it for me?
And when its over, i'll breathe again

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lets Switch Off The Lights Tomorrow

In support of the Earth Hour, please do remember to turn off our lights tomorrow at 8:30PM to vote Earth. Save the light, save the world~

well, only whats that is not necessary...


On the side note
To the victim of Burkitt's Lymphoma, may you rest in peace... *sigh*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Phi Phi Island & Phuket (Day 6)

Finally, its our last day in Thailand. All 9 of us went for foot massage in the morning except for our Sultan (Koed), who decided to stay in the hotel. Hmm... maybe our Sultan tak sampai hati to leave his palace. Kita ampunkan tuanku. Surprisingly, this round of massage is much better than previous night. Our Hamba got a nice recommendation. LOL.

After we check out from the hotel, we went to a shopping mall for some shopping. At Central Festival, finally i brought something for myself. Hahaa, a beach pants and it only cost me 190 Baht, i guess thats near to RM20. Made in Australia or so it seems. LOL.

We then head over to Phuket old town for our lunch and sight seeing.

And some photos from the airport...

our luggages

our skin color

Our 5D4N trip end up to be 6D5N. Yes, there are some unforeseen mishaps along the way, not to mention twice i didnt managed to shower. But above all, all 9 of us went home with a huge smile on our face. Unforgettable memories. Indeed, words and sentences arent enough to describe how GREAT it is.

The time we spend, the laughs we shared, the photos we took, the videos we made, the adventures we had, the sea we sailed, the coast we stepped, the memories we kept; and all of them, are truly magnificent and priceless. This vacation is worthy for two thumbs up. ^^

this is the best~~

Just before we sign off, here's the theme song for our Ko Rok, Phi Phi and Phuket trip. Forever Friends by Takashi Sorimachi. Weird? Dont be surprised, cause we do have video on our holiday. Its funny and hilarious. Its still in the progress, it takes time... we have to patiently wait. Till then, enjoy this...

Where will our next adventure lead us to i wonder? Ko Samui~~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phi Phi Island & Phuket (Day 5)

Initially all 9 of us should go back by today. But due to the fact that our flight was rescheduled last minute, we were forced to camp for another day. So we head out to eat chicken rice for breakfast, as recommended by the locals. Its nice. Unique.

We then decided to go for a city tour. It only cost us 100 Baht, so its very much reasonable in terms of value for money.

by the beach

we look cool aint we?

Next stop, Karon View Point

We then head over to The Big Buddha of Phuket. Well, some part of it is still under construction.

the view from the top

We then head over to another temple. Temple: The Reverend Father Abbot. And little do we all know, we were greeted with firecrackers upon our arrival.

It was around 3.30PM when we suddenly realized that we havent ate for quite some time. We've missed our lunch. The driver recommended us this venue, and we gave it a try. The price was okay, quite reasonable. As for the food, the curry is indeed very spicy. Another of Thai cuisine.

In the evening we all went for a Thai massage. It's so nice to have my body being stretched to the max. You should give it a try.

And since its our last night at Phuket, we go for a walk after our dinner. It was drizzling, so we decided to get ourselves some shelter. However Hard Rock Hotel didnt welcome us with open arms as its only open starting in June, so we got ourselves the second best. The Marriott Hotel. It was then, we begin our photo sessions.

on second thought, its like we're posing for the TVB calender

this photo is for the month of March...

this would be the complementary postcard... XD

Sadly, i didnt managed to go the Irish Pub. It looks rather cozy and tempting, but only minority seems interested. Oh yea, i almost forgot... i've another sigh. The time doesnt allow me to go for bungee jump!!! The suicide game cost around 1300 Baht with a certificate. I know its an extreme event, but i really want to give it a try. *sigh*

Then come day 6, the day got have to bid farewell...

Phi Phi Island & Phuket (Day 4)

Its day 4. Today we took a ship tour to several islands around Phuket. Its a half day package that includes buffet lunch. But whats more exciting are the places we went and the adventures we had. It was around 10 in the morning when we reached the jetty. Got off from our van and squeezed into the tut-tut that drove us to our boat.

the little port

Along the way, the crewmembers were quite friendly and we find ourselves quite comfortable with them. Probably because of Phoenie found her partner (was it Monkey or Johnny?) in the ship, she was being treated like a princess, while the rest of us were being well entertained. ^^

Our next stop is to canoe inside the cave. Its a cave packed with bats hanging upside down. One is not allow to speak or open his/her mouth inside the cave, else you would be eating the bat's sh!t, LOL... and its quite smelly inside, so try to hold your breath. As we went into the cave, the tunnel grew smaller and smaller till we had to lay down instead of sitting up right.

The experience to go into a dark cave with only a mere torchlight guiding and showing you the way is really quite scary. For all you see, its total darkness. No doubt its thrilling and adventure.

its dark inside

our lunch

Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached James Bond island. Its known originally and locally as Ko Tapu or Nail Island, found fame through the 1974 Bond film, "The Man with the Golden Gun".

beautiful isnt it? the wonders of nature...

We then halt at another spot and this time around, we get to canoe ourselves. So YeanPin, Me and EngHoo had our chance in canoe. The inexperience three of us us had a hard time in controlling it, but it was fun.

We bang on the rock, went on the wrong direction, another smack-bang on the rock, the sea current drove us out from the path, emergency break and trying to go astern in order to avoid another bang. We went through the tiny route in between the rocks, and racing to the ship. We laughed, we cheered, and we showed we had a good teamwork in the end.

this is me canoeing...


Approaching the evening, its time for us to go back to Phuket. All aboard? The 1 hour journey back was another adventure we had. Didnt i said earlier we were well entertained? Its started to drizzle as we were racing with the dark clouds. Strong winds were blowing, skies were getting darker and unpleasant, and the thunderstorms were crawling towards us.

It was then the crewmembers started to dance in the ship. The musics were being played and they danced as if the hell breaks lose. It varies from break dance to line dance to AhGua dance. Maybe they had it just to distract our attention on the skies above us. On second dance, probably the ritual dance to cast away the storm. Either way, we had an enjoyable time watching them dancing.

running away from the storm

Just several hundreds before we reached the shore, the rains fall. The rain was so heavy that our visions were covered. Raining cats and dogs. Several minutes later, we got off the ship and rushed for the tut-tut, all of us were already wet from head to toe by then. We were wet and cold. Shivering. We then hop into our van and went back to our new hotel in cold.

As soon as we checked in Jan and Kan Sea Hotel (if im not mistaken), we had our shower and warm ourselves up. A nice dinner, some walk again and its then a day.

So here i am again signing off... End of day four.