Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Life Being An Artist

I paint, that's what i do for a living.

A writer's job description is to put words into a sentence, sentences into an article. Well, mine aint differ much from bring a writer. Lines to a figure, figures to picture, portraits to humans, buildings to scenaries. That's what i am. I am a painter.

Being the novice painter back then, i happened to create a blog with a domain name of myself. Awesome isnt it? It's like in the ocean of trembling seas, somehow there's an island out of nowhere. And that very island, is mine. Classic contrast of black and white. It can be view here.

that's me, Danny Leong

The original idea was to pencil my life being an artist and display my work. Who knows if there might be someone mailing me, claim to buy my masterpiece?

However after my first post, laziness got the better off me, resulted i've abandoned this space. Plus... im more of a painting kind of man, not the typical typing geek with thick glasses (though im wearing specs).

It wasnt long before someone did notice my ability. She's now my finance manager. Collect my paintings and market it, more like a middleman. Whether its in auction, gallery or someone's else office, she would obtain a minimal percentage of income based on each painting sold. That's our agreement and it sounds pretty good to me.

Well, of cause im not the great Isaac Mendes in Heroes, i cant paint the future. Else my drawings would worth millions for those who believe New York would explode in September.

Nonetheless, many people misunderstood me for having one of a best job ever. But little do they know, i do have deadlines to chase. Submission of my artwork every Tuesday. Inspiration can be easily run out and not every painting would generate me payroll. Probably that's why you would see me indulging myself in coffee.

Though im now more than well to do, but its not easy to be me.

Childhood dream, i've last fulfill it, as an artist. Tasting every moment and live it out loud. Be more than a name, or a face in the crowd. Arms open wide, face to the sun.

This is the time of my life...


Thanks for reading. Ladies and gentlemen, the above are strictly fictional... Its another of my random writting. Wonder if it ever lead you to another me that varies? A split personality? Schizophrenia? No, i dont need a doctor, im not sick... =x

Based on Eileen's entry in her Journey so far, i too had found another me quite some time ago. Guess this time around, i portray it in another way. In a one shot. There's someone out there, roaming half across the globe, having an identical name as mine.

Im not alone...

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I had a great morning. Its been a while since my morning was filled with much fun and excitement, not to mention those bruises around my body. Yea, its painful... =S

Before proceeding any further, i'll like to thank Eileen for organizing this activity. Its so cool. Appreciate it.

Where was i? I was at the Prontip for a paintball session. 12 players, which makes us 6 a side. Marching into the field, we only could shield ourselves with face guard. That's it!!! No armor or vest. So everyone leave the field with paint art on his/her shirt. Beauty.

before the tournament... notice how clean we are?

As for the price, its quite cheap considering the amount of pellet we used. Sorry, we have to keep it confidential. Shh...

I must say, it was truly a superb game. Great experience. I guess this is the best game i've ever played in paintball so far. Two thumbs up!!!

the 12 participants...

And the marshal named me the LAWN MOWER, why is it so? Cause i run down those balloon bunker the most. Guess im too aggressive am i... =x

the lawnmower

Few years back, all of us actually played an online game, GUNZ. We even said that we should be heading over to internet cafe and had a gathering on online game. But today, i guess all of us had our dream came true. Real life version of arena, just that we wont be able to sword up the walls. But still... everyone goes home with a big smile and laughter on their face. =)

I got a shot on the head as well for souvenir. It hit on my head where the face guard fails to protect. Ouch... But it was some kind of experience, no hard feelings. Right now my whole body aches. =S

Despite of all the pains, its thrilling and exciting. Sudden rush of adrenaline. Certainly looking forward for another round.


When is our next game? =P

Monday, July 21, 2008

Old Town's Discrepancy

This week on The Journey, we bring you something blizzard that might shock your brain out of your head... okay, wasnt to that extend. However ladies and gentlemen, the fact might had your eyes grew larger and your mouth open wide.

In this episode, one of our private investigator Ms Jessie Teh, made several trips and dine at one of our local franchise, Old Town. Respectively at E-Gate and New World Park.

Ordering quite a number of same items, just to realize that the pricing was different!!!

Evidence? Moment of truth...

check out the prices (click to enlarge)

According to the receipt generated from the computerized billing, the cost of a hot White Coffee in E-Gate compare to New World Park is cheaper by 30cents. While you would have to pay extra 50cents if you ordered Curry Mee in New World Park!!!

These are just two items that she found out. There may be more ladies and gentlemen, there may be more...

We as a consumer, we do understand that the rentals are pretty much neck choking and arm chopping if you were to start a business like this. Furthermore the geographical and climate differences are another solid reason.

However ladies and gentlemen, its not right to compare the price of McD in Penang to Genting. This is because there are several aspects beside rental cost that hike up the price. Same goes to the petrol. So dear audiences, is it wise to have discrepancy in pricing of item sold within a franchise at Penang itself? Old Town in E-Gate and in New World Park.

The next question... how many of you actually did realize this?

For those who are curious, you may start your little adventure and do some survey. May this not bring any unhappiness to those who read it, let it bring awareness to those who came across it. Besides... its a consumer's right to know.

Hmm, i wonder... Should i send to The Star Newspaper? Do you know there's a column where the readers could send in photo and the winner could grab an amount of RM50 daily. Hehee... am i lucky enough then?

Notice that even im slamming on the differences of pricing; you will still be seeing me again at that venue the next time. Why? There's nothing more refreshing than a cup of coffee blend with richness of taste and aroma. Not to mention the priceless moment where you could possibly laughs, cheers and get together with friends and relatives... =)

Not Doing Well

I guess by now you would have know...

Aint everything could be said here. Your thoughts, your feelings, your actions; they have to be well kept behind these curtains. Masquerade yourself in front of the public, and when you're alone or with least people around, only could you be yourself.

It's like leading a team to complete a project. No matter how ugly the troubles got you, how monkey your members are, or how sarcastically stressed and pathetically pressured you are; you still have to be strong. You're like a lynch pin in the team, and if you fall, the rest will go down as well.

Even if you're just a crew member, you too had to be well control of your emotions. Be calm, composed and collected. For you dont want to be graded as incapable or incompetence by your comrades or captain.

I guess that's how people used to be. Always trying to portray a good impression, a perfect image of oneself. Saying everything is all right when the reality hurts; faking a smile so they wont sees.

However does it really matters?

Im not good in putting up shield of lies. So here i am... not doing well. =)

Why so serious?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Money Not Enough

What would you do if you're going through shortage of money? Experiencing droughts; running low in purchasing power; restricted with limited resource.

Would you strive through the hard days? Would your love one still stand by your side supporting and believing in you? What would you do to make the most out of it?


Would you rob a bank? Or would you commit suicide like the scene below? Lie on the bed after everything end, having your friends and family members to grieve over your death...

I aint gonna do any of those stupid stuffs. Im going to be the one inside the cinema with my cellphone silent. Shh... dont wake the dead. =x

Money Not Enough II. I guess its a movie that every citizen going to be anticipated. Judging on the previous series, it had certainly landed all of us very much looking forward for the upcoming Jack Neo's production.

Even the teaser itself is enough to make me laugh!!! LOL. I bet it's going to be another down to earth and hilarious movie.

So... who wanna join me for the movie? =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Anything & Whatever

I guess everyone do experience this in their life. Going out in a group of friends or as a couple, at times thirst got the better of us, and like we always do, we get a drink.

Walking into a mini market, a coffee shop, or a cafe, you would question, "What would you like to drink?". Some which are oriented, know where they're going, would just state what they want to have. While others... being indecisive, would enjoy puzzling you with, "Anything" or "Whatever".

So here the mess up part. As a couple, sometimes these simple words are much more complicated than it seems. You are expected to know what he/she wants. But i guess that wouldnt be much a problem as time goes by.

To pass the ball back to your friend, the next time they tell you "Anything" or "Whatever", you give them this!!!



Nop, you didnt got me wrong. They actually exist. Anything and Whatever are sold in 7-Eleven at the price of RM1.80 per can.

So far i've tested Anything, and it taste like anything!!! Just kidding, it taste like Pepsi, with least carbonated. As for Whatever... later i guess.

To my readers, they even have advertisement for it. Its hilarious to watch. =)

Hmm... do i get any penny for advertising this?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

988 At Gurney

I was at Gurney today, did some shopping and not to mention, spend quite some money. Im happy with that i brought though. But unlike those money could buy, guess what have i spotted?

Ladies and gentlemen, its Kenji Wu Ke Qun!!!

He was there singing one of his hit singles, Nan Yong (Male Servant). Its always nice when you're able to meet your idol. The 988 made an interview among those artists coming for tomorrow life party at AutoCity. Its going to rock the house!!!

I guess i was a little late though cause i miss out Da Mouth. Yup, they were there also. It was said that their band are like the Chinese version of Black Eye Peas.

Back to Kenji Wu...

the 988 stage at Gurney

The stage looks cool. Totally beyond my expectation that they would set up a stage outside Gurney. The weather was cool and breezing. Just perfect for the night like this.

Kenji Wu and Tai Pou

Kenji Wu

After the departure of Kenji Wu, come along Weng Yi (Vincy) with her latest single, Xi Huan Yi Ge Ren Hao Lei (Loving A Person Is Tiring).

Here's my friend, Vince, taking photo of Vincy. Hmm... Vince, was that your sister? Cause both of your name looks alike. =P

Vince and Vincy

Weng Yi (Vincy)

Question. What do me, Vince, Vincy and Kenji have in common?

Answer. 4 of us have our birthday falls on the month October. 6, 13, 16, and 18 respectively. That makes all of us are Libran. =)

She's Tai Pou, the 988 deejay. I must say, she could really talks a lot. Im definitely impressed watching her and her non-stop speeches through out the show. Its like she had all of it under her fingertips.

...and dont you think she's pretty?

New Bed Sheet... MOO?

My mom always has a new way making fun out of me. I mean, really!!!

This morning, i wake up to find this new bed sheet on my desk. And the best part of all, this is the design... =x

moo moo bedsheet... KEK AH!!!

She then said this to me with a funny looking expression, "You're an ox. So i guess it suits you well. =P".

Of all the patterns and designs she could possibly choose from, she got me this. How old am i? 23 by year. But no matter how old i am, im always a child in their eyes. I wonder if i should be sweating looking at my new bed sheet.

But its been years since i last got a new bed sheet. Plus, its already worn out and needed to be replaced. So my mom who was at the market this morning, make the best out of it, while im sleeping like a pig in my room... =x

On second thought, it looks cute doesnt it? Reflecting the me born under the year of ox. As for the green, its good for the eyesight. Mooo!!!

She's the one that prepares meal for me when im home after work. She's the one that clean my room when im lazy. She's the one that sew my torn socks. She's the one that keep the family safe and harmony regardless of any problems. A pillar of strength. A place to call home for all of us.

Too many times we take things for granted in life. Thus, im taking this opportunity to thank my mom for all the things she had done.


Hmm, sometimes i wonder... was it my mom or my dad who influenced me with the sense of craziness. LOL.

Listen to mother's words, don't let her get hurt,
Want to grow up quickly, so to take care of her.
Beautiful white hair, growing inside happiness,
Angel's magic benevolence within (her) gentleness...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane

All my bags are packed
Im ready to go
Im standin here outside your door...

Yup, it was a song from John Denver, written during a layover at Washington airport.

So here's me humming this familiar tune. Its sentimental... reflecting me in days to come. Im flying, and im leaving on a jet plane.

im off

First time though, will i be any dizzy? Vomit? Faint? LOL. I believe i'll be very much excited rather than freaking out or panicking. =x

Where would i be heading?


white sandy beach

Off for a holiday with my friends. 5 days 4 nights in Bali, Indonesia. End of October, hmm... why doesnt it beginning of October anyway?


Who would like to join in the fun?

Picturing myself at the airport, i'll be singing this at the terminal. =)

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
cause im leavin' on a jet plane
Dont know when Ill be back again
Oh babe, i hate to go...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


My everyday life involves with a cup of coffee.

Regardless if its hot or cold; regardless if its 80 cents. Regardless when i have it; regardless of how its served. I cant deny the fact that i like coffee. I guess it runs in my family.

Bitter over sweet. CoffeeBean over StarBucks. OldTown would be lovely indeed.

Yes, Caffeine. I understood very well... But life is short. We never know when its coming to an end. Before it does, lets live to the fullest... Cheers!!!

And i just have mine;

the Ultimate with cream. Large and Extreme (extra coffee)...

Wonder if i could sleep tonight. Who wanna pei me chatting? =x

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Presenting the most interesting word in English language, FUCK.

And i thought it was originated from;

"Fornication Under (the) Control/Consent/Command of the King"

Oops, that proves it... My history sucks big time. =x

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Live On 988

Today, 2nd July 2008. Another day to mark on my calendar. It's my first time live on a radio!!!

988 Radio

It was the usual morning where im on my way to office. A beautiful Wednesday morning in fact, a turning point of the week. Tuning to 988, that's 94.5FM in Penang, there's a session called "Pat Tong Sai Nam" (North East West South). Its when they ask about the questions you could hardly think of the answer.

Here's the question for today...

"HELLO" is the common first word to say when you answer a phone. However, who invented that word?
A.) ???
B.) Isaac Newton
C.) ???

Notice that there's ??? at the choices of answer provided? It's because i could not understand what they said. *shy* Yea, im not afraid to admit im kinda banana man, and there's no big deal about it. Plus, even without the ABC given, i still know the answer at the back of my head.

Banana... you got a problem with that?

Thus i dialed 04-40420988, but no one is picking up the phone. Sigh. Well, no harm giving another try... so there's me again dialing... tooot tooot, tooot tooot, and then...

Ah San: Hello, 988 ha lo chou san, ngo hai ah san, cheng man lei hai pin wai?
Me: Hie, 988 yao seng sao sek chou san, ngo hai Danny
Ah San: Hai Danny, tap ngon hai pin yat kor?

And this is how i answered... =x

Me: Tui em chu, ngo keh kong tong wa em hai kei hou, tan hai ngo chi tou kor kor tap ngon hai Alexander Graham Bell!!! (Im sorry, im not very good in Cantonese, but i know the answer is Alexander Graham Bell)

I guess i stunned that DJ Ah San for a while. LOL. Moment later he said i got it correct and the answer is A. Then he ask me to wait for around 30 seconds for the advertisements to end, which i patiently waited...

Soon enough, im on air!!! LIVE!!! No delay or anything. Everyone in Malaysia is hearing me through 988. The stammer me, hao chat chat, had a small chat with Jeff (my favorite 988 DJ), Ah San, and Tai Pou. Answered the question correctly and they gave me 15 seconds to make my dedication for the next song!!! All of it live on air.

So... for those who miss it, here's the song that being played. Download. Meaningful song and its one of my favorite as well.

There wasnt any prices for today's question, but i already got mine. =)

Once again, thanks to 988!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Morning After Rain

How do you define a beautiful day?

This is how my morning looks like... The golden sun emerges behind the tall buildings. Even though it rains the night before, the clouds would make way for the beautiful dawn to begin its day.

A new journey; a new chapter.

And that's me... stuck in the traffic jam. =x

"No matter how much is the pain,
There would be sunshine after rain.

Sounds familiar? Hahaa, i used to comment those words of encouragement. And there you have it, far better than sunshine...


All of the photos in this entry were taken on my way to office from my baby W810i. Come to think about it, i guess i need to install Photoshop. Stamping trademark on my displayed photos. Hmm... who's kind enough to lend me the installer?

How do you define a beautiful day? Its beautiful when you think its beautiful.