Thursday, October 30, 2008

Old Town's Feedback On Multi-tier Pricing

After many days and weeks, probably months, finally OldTown reply our mail.

It do got me wondering why it took so long. Having a hard time trying to construct a proper acceptable essay? My apology for being harsh. However, it feels good that they feedback our concern, it might be a little late, but it make us reader content.

Here's their response...

Greetings from OldTown!

First of all, thank you for your e-mail describing your concerns regarding the multi-tier pricing issue.

For years, OldTown restaurant chains had adopted the chains cautiously approach - a multi-tier menu pricing plan to broaden consumer appeal by having different pricing for different customers and groups of customers at different locations. The big gap in the shop rentals and labour cost in different regions and locations (i.e. compare rentals at rural area and urban area) has prompted OldTown to apply multi-tier menu pricing in order to make our restaurant an affordable choice for all levers of consumers despite of its geographic locations.

What is multi-tier menu pricing? You saw it first in fast food industry. Multi-tier menu pricing strategy is not an offbeat strategy to propel customer traffic in not only F&B industry but also other industries such as automobiles, retails and so on in Malaysia. It is growing in popularity. OldTown has to go to multi-tier menu pricing to assign customer groups with differentiated pricing which is affordable by different income groups. Thus, the menu price has been set slightly lower at rural areas compared with urban areas based on our customer acceptance survey on menu price.

OldTown is always offers quality meals at an affordable price. The driving force behind our efforts is the continue support of customers to enjoy the food and dining environment in OldTown restaurant. We are caring and sensitive to local spending power and continually striving to offer customers more-attractively-priced meals with a pleasant dining environment.

If I may be of further assistance to you, please contact me at 016 5260011.

Your continued support means a great deal to us.

Thank you
One question, aint all McDonalds, CoffeeBean, SecretRecipe branches in Penang having the same prices as well? Talking about labor and rental cost just doesnt make sense especially when there are existing living example. My bottomline is, as a franchises under the same geographical area, the prices of goods should be the same.

But still, the fact that they acknowledge the discrepancy and reply to us is enough to satisfy me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back From Bali

Im back from Bali!!!

WOw... its hot out there. Literally as well as figuratively, adding extra tan on my skin. Im proud to say i look like Mr Cool (Louis Koo), hey stop throwing slippers, i mean the color of the skin. Healthy chocolate.

It was a great trip overall. The design and craft of the building are very native and cultural. Uniquely special. However, there's one thing that got me curious, wondering why majority of the statue wearing sarung? I got tattoo on my hand. YEAH!!! Well, just a temporary tattoo. Said to be last for 2 weeks, its slowly fading, probably couldnt make it though.

My first time flying, never took a flight before. An experience mixture of pleasure and pain. Both of my ears hurt and i could felt that my blood rushing to my face. Ouch. However while departing home, it was more comfort, slowly adapting to it. Finally, got my passport stamped.

We took a lot of photos, but they are at my friends' camera. So... have to patiently wait... =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off To Bali

Sorry, i've forgotten the url to my blog

That's one lame excuse. It feels guilty, for not updating my blog despite knowing there are people all across the world dropping by at this page of mine. My apology. Wow... spider web all over, need some spring cleaning.

Its 9:40PM Wednesday, cloudy night. I've done packing now, what else should i bring. Yup, i'll be goin to BALI for holidays. It would be 5 days 4 nights, which means i'll be back on Monday afternoon.

It wasnt much of anticipation compare to the one in this coming December. But still, i'll be going with 4 of my college mates. They are one bunch of jokers and clowns, so i guess i'll be having a great time joking and laughing. I know we sounded very gay considering all of us are guys, but hey, im normal. Im attached to my Shu dear. Loves her. =)

By the way, i dont detest people who are attracted to the same gender.

I should be sleeping now; i need to wake up at around 4.15AM. Yea, its that early. I'll continue update my blog when im back. Till then...

...and for the record, this is my first time flying.

Signing off,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eagle Eye

Watched the movie in cinema over the weekend, and i must say, its absolutely "KEK". The plot and ploy are very good. Its about the whole US is being controlled and monitored by Artificial Intelligence (Aria). Its been a while since i last watch such a movie.

Overall, its worth the money paid. The thought of it really amazed me. CCTV, lips reading, sound and wave recognition, centralized information repository. It goes to the extend of everything you do, will be monitored and can be take as legal action against you.

As for critics, there are two...
1. The cameraman need to be replaced. Its too shaky.
2. I agree with Henrick, Shia LeBeouf looks too young for the movie.

Despite the setbacks, its still two thumbs up from me. =)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Poem From My Colleagues

Today my department team building's venue and date had been fixed. So one of the committee member, YeeChang, send out an invitation to all of us and it end with this poem.

YeeChang 4:40PM
No need to pay any money
There will be fun activities
Gifts will be given, obviously
So come join & be an attendee

Harap semua dapat datang
Ada makan, ada girang
Paling penting, tak perlu bayar wang
Jadi tiada apa yang kurang


And then, the poem spam started to flow over the few of us...

Chua 4:46PM
Tutup mata tutup telinga
Tak dapat lihat tak dapat dengar
Bayar wang pun kita tak kisah
Apa yang penting kita dapat gembira.....

Michael 4:55PM
Pay money is not our worry
Just be sure there is "FUN" activities
If we are unhappy and gloomy
We will make your day very MESSY!!!

BeeJay 5:01PM
Chua patut rasa bangga
Team building dialah penaja utama
Bagi dia semuanya tak kisah
Datanglah semua bergembira

EngHoo 5:03PM
Buka mata buka telinga
Dapat lihat dapat dengar
Bayar duit bagi kita
Apa yang penting kita dapat nyanyi bersama...

Chua 5:08PM
Sekian terima kasih, kam sia banyak-banyak
Semua orang baca, semua orang gelak
Marilah kita reply bersama-sama
tambahan pulak boss sekarang tak ada...

Michael 5:09PM
Cukup dengan mata dan telinga
Saya buat kamu tak dapat lihat dan dengar
Bayar duit itu tak ada masalah
Pastikan John jangan nyanyi sudah...

BeeJay 5:10PM
Boss tak da memang tak diduga
Merapu dalam email tu perkara biasa
Ader ker tak der boss, berlaku juga
Cuma bila tak da, kita gelak bergembira

EngHoo 5:12PM
Kita tengok sahaja sudah gembira
Sebab YeeChang mukanya nampak kacak
Boleh tengok boleh belaka
Mari kita bagi dia pergi sahaja...

YeeChang 5:14PM
Kucing tak ada, tikus keluar
Boss tak ada, kita merdeka
Lagipun masa hampir tiba
Nak terus kerja, macam kena dera

BeeJay 5:14PM
Sudah tamat session bergembira
Boss balik semua diam sahaja
Curi-curi gelak ketawa
Tak pa, hampir habis masa kerja

Michael 5:17PM
Memang benar muka YeeChang kacak
Tapi masih menduga bila dia mau belanja
Gara-gara gajinya sudah bertambah
Harap harap kita dapat tumpang gembira

PohKooi 5:18PM
Boss pergi pantun berlambar
Boss balik pantun ditunggal
Boss tanya pantun dimana
Bagi boss pantun yang kelakar

Dann 5:24PM
Oi semua balik kerja
Kerja kerja 5 minit sahaja
Jika boss lihat kita gelak
Nanti semua pun kena

PohKooi 5:29PM
Jam 5.31 loceng berbunyi
Semua orang sedia berdiri
Inilah masa dinanti-nanti
Balik rumah sesuka hati

Michael 5:33PM
Janganlah selalu serius sahaja
Mesti gembira bila berkerja
Jika terlalu asyik berkerja
Nanti mata jadi buta !!!

EngHoo 5:36PM
Memang loceng sudah berbunyi
Mari kita semua berdiri
Bagi PohKooi terus bernyanyi
NegaraKuKu nyanyi sambil berlari...

KT 5:37PM
Wah wah wah wah wah wah
Semua nya pandai juga
Wa ni tak kisah apa jua
Sayur sayuran mesti ada

Chua 5:41PM
Walau penyu , Walau Hia Ti (brother)
Loceng berhenti pun tak mau balik lagi
Bagi yang rajin , please continue lok ki
Apa yang wa silap kata tolong jangan simpan dalam hati...

YeeChang 5.41PM
Eh locang sudah berbunyi
Mengapa PohKooi belum berdiri
Pura-pura dengan berdiam diri
Sekarang hilang pula ke tandas lelaki

That was the end of it. Everyone in the office had a good laugh towards the end of the day. LOL. Friday, the day everyone been waiting for, marks the coming of weekends.

The poems were really really good. Never thought that everyone that read it had a smile on his/her face, and laugh over it. They are really one bunch of crazy people, and these people are those that i enjoy myself being with. LOL. A good breakfast and lunch gang. Jokers in the office. Always cheer the atmosphere. *hugs*

To end this poem, here's from me...
Bila hari Jumaat tiba
Semua orang pasti gembira
Karena esok tak ada kerja
Jadi semua sehati ketawa

To everyone, have a nice weekends. Peace out. =)

Monday, October 6, 2008

6th October

6th October. I like the month of October. Libran said to be cool and charming, but stubborn and conservative. Despite their nature to listen and weight the scale, they too at times find themselves to be easily influenced.

Well, certainly this year will be a little different. Due to "Kao Ong Ya" (in Hokkien), i'll be indulging myself in vegetarian for the last 3 days, which start from yesterday. Though its kind of odd that this special day of mine, im restricted to only vegetable (self daclare), but like said, at least i go around didnt consuming animal, which seems to be a good deed.

Guess its a post celebration since i got a voucher of 50% discount offer at Kim Gary.

Saw another food review in the past few days. It wrote about the Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar at Tanjung Bungah located just beside the Ingolf German Restaurant. The name itself is quite tempting. If im not mistaken, and if the writer not mistaken, it's the first Bulgarian Restaurant in Penang... or at least that came to my notice.

I bet it aint going to be any cheap, so not going to try out anytime soon. Have to be extra cautious in my spending. Hmm, anybody interested for a bite though?

My brother, Steve, is now working at Western Digital, station in KL. This year he and my mom got me a present. A new gadget. TA DA!!!

My Passport Essential

It is a portable hard drives something which i've always wanted. 160GB, wasnt much but is enough for my usage. USB 2.0. Its height 15mm, length 126mm, width 80mm. 3 years of warantee and its coolly coated in arctic white.

It was then later in the late afternoon/near evening, a sweet surprise came knocking at my door... And guess what? My dear send me a birthday cake and roses. Aww...

My cake and roses

It makes me so want to eat it. Look at the chocolate... Irresistible!!! =x

Sigh... my modem spoiled. Need to get it repair, and that going to cost me some cash as well. Till then, signing off.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Wonders

I read an article sometime ago. An article which proven quite true from my view; generally down to earth. Despite of its lengthy sentences and paragraphs, many things were unearthed in this issue referred as "Quarter Life Crisis".

For instance, if someone could live up to 80 to 120, well if we could, then with a simple math of a quarter out of it, it would live you to where the range between 20 to 30. I guess many of us who is reading this entry falls under this category. Quarter.

Naturally we succumbed into it. One moment we are secure, the next moment we felt insecure. We start to understand much more about life. What are constant and static, and what are variable and dynamic. Actions and consequences. When impossible turns possible. How a bird flips its wing in Florida could cause a tornado in Costa Rica, the butterfly effect.

We cant run away from it. We worry about life. What will it be in the next 5 or 10 years? How is it to earn more money in a short duration? Will we ever want to get married? Will we have enough for a car or a house? What does it mean by success and failure? Future is yet to be seen, even if it is, we never knew where had it been.

Despite it all, there are still many things we could cherish how beauty life is. The sun that rises, the moon that brightens. The roof above you, the friends that remember you. Family and support, knowledge that had been thought. A mishap, but lessons learn. It is true that life sucks, but it sucks beautifully if we just noticed (sometimes).

At times we just need to realize we are not alone, and the fact that we are already much better than many, are seldom at sight. Give more, expect less. Learn to be happy, to the extend of those clips below...

Thank GOD its Friday... Found a parking slot... Another crab...

These are the little wonders, well, maybe it was a little exaggerated. These are things in life we could appreciate and acknowledge the goodness of it.

A simple notion that cast away a frown, in this boundless ground
A simple motion that craft a smile, and it doesnt take much for a while...

To every little good thing in life... CHEERS!

P.S. I have a confession. I love Friday. TGIF!!! ^^