Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro 2008 Champion

The Euro 2008 just ended last night with a sweet victory for the Spaniards. A 1-0 truimph over the Germans at Vienna.

It was in the first half on 22nd minute played, a sublime header from Fernando Torres came off the far post stunned many of the fans. Like the rest of the world, i too hold my hands together praying, looking disbelieve at the harsh reality. It was a perfect header though the goalkeeper may claim that he had it well covered.

Just when you thought that the Lady Luck was against them, something magical happened. In the 33rd minute, Fernando Torres picked up a through pass from Xavi Hernandes after a slight hustle against the Germans' left back Philipp Lahm, and chipped it over the on coming Jens Lehmann.

It was then the whole arena was filled with roaring cheer and applause. I could even hear my next-door neighbors screaming in joy. I cant be the same, for my parents gonna kill me for waking them up. LOL!!!

El Nino, or better known as Fernando Torres who scored the winning goal.

For a country who suffered a 44 years of misery being rated underachieved had finally silence the critics. Lifting the trophy was indeed a major success for them, rewriting the history. They deserve it.

Unfortunately Cesc Fabregas was summoned to the bench in 63rd minute due to a tactical change. Though there's a sadness shown in his face, but it was okay. Looking back, he made a difference or should i say, immediate impact when he came off the bench against Russians. A massive inspirational efforts that send Spain to the final.

And here you have it, the Spanish titans on the top of Euro 2008 ladder.

the Celebration!!!

How glad am i able to watch it live. Moment like this doesnt always came by knocking at your door. Its like the time when AC Milan vs Liverpool in Champion League few years ago, that was truly one superb match.

Im now tired and sleepy. I dont think i have enough sleep though. Been a norm to me for a late night sleep and resting at 9, is just too drastic for a change. Got me hours of tossing and turning before i finally snooze off. That resulted a very minimal rest through out the night.

Shhh... i nearly caught a big fish in the office today. =x

With my endless yawns and gesture, my colleague Fish Tan, made me a laughing stock. He joked, "You look like a drug addict! The type where hungering for drugs yet cant have one. HAHAHAA!!!". Am i that horrible? LOL.

Last but not least...

SPAIN rocks!!!

As for now, i need to catch up on my lost rest...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stared & Unconsciousness

Should i get myself a new watch?

Well, i too been thinking, i've been wearing my watch for like... 4 years? It's a birthday gift from my brother, the only sentimental present from him that i had cherished and valued for years.

I guess it's about time i get myself a new pair.

the name is STARED

They call this baby, Stared. Brilliant mixture of black and white, and a little of cyan that perfect-ized it. Graded under "A Matter of Class". Stylish. It can be found here, 5th at the first row.

UNCONSCIOUSNESS, that's me dude

Unconsciousness is rather casual and easy going. It had the brownish along it, which brings out the summer heat. Summer sports. For details, it's 5th on the first row as well.

Which one is nicer? I feel like going for Stared. Any recommendation?

Either way, it's will burn my pocket. Ouch. How much would my TEBIM getting me anyway? To buy or not to buy...

Not in a hurry though, just a thought of getting a new pair of watch.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Geek Keyboard

We have to admit... at times, we are too computer oriented. Even your fingers had grow customary to the keyboard. How your fingers could easily type our words without you looking at it. Magic.

GEEK, some would say.

But what im about to show you aint any of normal gadgets. For those tech lovers, you gonna be very much amazed.

I have for you, the Geek Keyboard!!!

Its a mobile keyboard. Keyboard attached to your pants. You dont have to take it everywhere you go but... you have it everywhere you go. See the difference?

It aint any of weirdo stuff... It's so freaking cool!!!

You dont have to wear for the fun of the keyboard, it like a new trend. Keyboard on your lap.

Dark pants, easily match with my usual white and black attire. In fact, it is sew with orange thread that strikes the looks of it. ARGH!!! I wanna be owning one...

Where could i get one? I WANT!!!

P.S. What do you think would happen if someone else pressing the "Enter" button too constantly? =P

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Beauty

Waking up in the early morning where the skies still dark. Before the sun emerges behind those tall buildings; before the busy streets fill with much mediums. My alarm signals the beginning of another day.

It feels good. GREAT i would say... Got up just to find the moonlight is crawling slowly by my bedside. And the best part of all, i could just lie down and enjoy gazing at the full moon!!!

How bright it is; how round it is; how our universe never fails to mesmerize us. But for the wonder it is, i have to start my day. Oh yea, i forgot to mention...

its FRIDAY!!!

Ladies and gentleman, i present to you, the full moon...

A beauty...

Pardon my W810i for its flaws on night mode. It was taken at E-Gate later on that evening. Soothing ambiance, panoramic view and the beauty of the moon just propels the romantic indulgence of the atmosphere. Oh my GOD, im falling in love again. LOL.

Hmm, i wonder why i love full moon so much...

Could you see it? How nice it is if i could just lay down on the grass with the one that i love, the bright moonlight keeping us entertain, and we could forget the world.

...and the pieces of black and white keys start to move in a rhythmical manner. Playing a familiar tune.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Hum-p

It began with one fine afternoon. Really fine, to the extend no coffee or caffeine could do the job. The clock is stuck and it feels like a long afternoon. It was then a message came in. It says;

"What do Fergie said to a Char Koay Teow seller?"

It was rather odd for a mail with such a question. Guess the person at the other end is feeling the same... bored, and of cause, sleepy. To which, i reply;


Make sense does it? For a delicious local cuisine that comes out from Fergie, no doubt its Fergalicious! Hahaa, i'ma genius! However, a moment later her reply stunned me.

"Sei Chun, Fergie said...

My hump? What does my hump got to do with Char Koay Teow? Moments later, i came to realize what she's trying to say was, dont want cockle. Because both pronunciation are quite close, another words, identical.

...and she's calling me Sei Chun! (literally means stupid). Sweat...

Minutes later she rang me up and told me. Imagine what if Fergie really dance in front of the Char Koay Teow uncle, shaking her front and back, stressing "mai hum" numerously when buying her meal? Dancing like in the MTV. All the guys gonna be so wowww, while the ladies gonna be so sweat. LOL.

As for me, everytime when i order my curry mee at New World Park, no matter how many times i said i dont want cockle, i still end up with blood cockles inside. Duh! They could provide me with extra cuttlefish or prawn instead of just spamming me with cockles. I enjoy good food, but seriously, im picky on the stuff i eat. Probably that's why im rather... *ahem* skinny.

Perhaps next time i should go;

"Hi aunty, lai hor wah chi pua kali mee. Huan chio ceh ceh. Mai tao pork, mai huek, mai hum... mai hum mai hum mai hum... wah bo suka chiak hum, mai hum... mai hum mai hum mai hum! Oh yeah!"

Literally... Hi aunty, give me a bowl of curry mee. Loads of chili. No dried tofu, no edible pig's blood, no cockle... no cockle no cockle no cockle... i dont like to eat cockle, no cockle... no cockle no cockle no cockle! Oh yeah!

Brilliant isnt it? At least next time around when im there again, that seller would remember that...


P.S. But it depends on how you classify it... Okay, you didnt read what i just said =x

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

MIt was yesterday when i watch The Incredible Hulk with my friends at GSC. It went screening several days ago and we're glad we still able to get a comfort seat in Cinema 2.

Full of actions and certainly better than the previous Hulk by Eric Bana. Worth my money paid. Not forgetting, there's still a funny quote from the movie;

"You dont like me when im hungry..."

The ending, well there's a mystery out of it. The appearance of Mr. Tony Stark aka IronMan, confronted the general to form an alliance.

Avengers, that was the upcoming film going to be. The Avengers are a team of superheroes, just like DC Comics' Justice League of America, but comprized of Marvel superheroes. They include Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and others as well.

Rumors had it that Marvel wants Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America. A crossover. This going to be cool!!!

Apart from it, i came across this video in Youtube. It looks cool. Grab yourself popcorns and have a watch. The incredible McCain Girl. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Entry

Good day,

Finally im officially setting up my own blog. Welcome to my niche, a little space of mine. Rather small, dont you think? Hmm... but i guess its enough for now.

My journey continues like the rest of the world. Life is filled with ups and downs. Regardless of the moments that makes you smile and laugh with joy, or makes you sad and frown with sadness, it's still the life im living; the road im taking.

So i guess... there would be plenty to write.

Last but not least, thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Your comment(s) would very much be appreciated. Again, thanks. =)

Signing off,