Monday, June 29, 2009


Recently Gary Cao Ge had released his 4th album on 19th June '09. And UN-surprisingly in each of the released albums, there's a similarity in it. Sort of his trademark in the title of his songs, which is "SUPER". 1st album, Superwoman in Ge Ge Blue. Follow by the second album entitled, Superman. Then we got the Super Sunshine album. And now, we have Supermarket.

4th album, Supermarket

Download can be found in these links:

I've listened to the songs and its quite interesting. The first song 寂寞先生 Ji Mo Xian Sheng had already capture my attention. Though i dont quite understand, but i like the vocal strength of the song. Its requires a lot of talent to sing like that gracefully. By the way, the MTV of that song is rather dull. Somehow i end up.. *sweat*.. after watching it. Im now listening to Supermarket, looking forward for the MTV.

So just what the 5th album would be? Could it be...

SUPER CAR? Like Audi R8? vroom vroom...
But i cant seem to picture him driving any high cost mobile

Or SUPER COMET? On planet X collide with Earth in 2012?

Our Earth at its best at Bora Bora Island!

A song about himself?

Definitely higher probability, with Megan Fox in it. ^^

Friday, June 26, 2009

ITD Team Building 2009

Our ITD department had another team building last Saturday, conducted by the Human Resource Department. Unlike the usual team building that we had to dig our wallet for the expenses, this time around its fully sponsored. Nonetheless, there is a small group of people who didnt turn up. Well, they are not to be blamed since its written "strongly encourage" instead of "must" or "compulsory'. Thus the management gives their employees options to choose in the first place... ^^

Comparing to the previous team building at Paradise Hotel, this is quite different. Its located at the Copthorne Orchid Hotel and its a full day session held by Dynamic Resources Training & Consultancy. The programmes, physical activities, are carried out with specific learning outcomes. There's also a debriefing sessions after each activity to relate learning against the actual workplace scenario.

we look so red!

There are several activities that being called into action; Long Rope, Sighted and Unsighted, Trust Fall Series and Trust Free Fall.

Long Rope

team MsLing, with sighted MsKhaw (left) and WongHC (right)
WongHC: hahahaa... TAKE AH!

On the second activity, Sighted and Unsighted, our General was given a much difficult task; to push and pull a cow that reluctantly obeys. Towards the end, our General banged the cow's head on the floor timelessly and all of us laughed non-stop by his actions. Oh, poor cow. *salute General Tan*

And BAD DANN! BAD DANN! regards his colleague as cow. LOL.

the last team to reach in the 2nd half of Sight and Unsighted
the "cow" got bullied by General Tan and YongWC

AhChua being the victim of the spotters

me nearly overshot in the Trust Fall Series

falling PohKooi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

our speaker is singing Wilber Pan - Who Took My Microphone

MsSharon with her closing speech...

Throughout the whole 9 hours of team building, we keep singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PohKooi. Every opportunity that comes in, we'll sing to our heart content, and i've lost count after 7-8 times.

The team building we had was quite the same as the one i had during LTC (Leadership Training Camp) in my secondary school. 6 days 5 nights, THE BEST EVER CAMP! We also have The Trust Fall Series and Trust Free Fall. But then again, this was another great experience. A lesson to learn, dont ever attend any team building if its your birthday.

Everything ended at 5:15PM. We then sang another birthday song to officially drop the curtain of the team building. Overall, a great time spend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Man vs Wild

"Im Bear Grylls, and im gonna seek out some of the most extreme challenges in the most dangerous places on Earth, where having the right survival skills can mean the difference between life and death. So rescue in the wild depends on these essentials, get your bearing, plan a route back to civilization and get moving. You have to find water and food from any source. Make shelter, and fire, and avoid dangerous animals along the way. Even i at one moment, but if you can use these basics to master the wild, you'll never feel more alive."

That was the prologue taken from season 5 episode 3 of Man vs Wild: Bear's Essentials. It is another series im recently CRAZY about. It features Edward Michael 'Bear' Grylls, who is a British adventurer, writer and a television presenter, hosting the series. It shows he was dropped into inhospitable and hostile places on Earth, demonstrating viewers how to survive and get back to civilization.

I guess my parents and relatives wouldnt find it rather surprising to know that im addicted to the series. Ever since i was small i enjoy travelling and camping, and how much i wish i could have a chance to join NS (National Service) after my Form 5.

Being landed in unwelcoming area, Bear Grylls will guide you how to utilize your surroundings to your advantage. The do's and dont's. You need to get your bearings and know where you want to go. Using the watch technique to navigate yourself, make a compass from the most basic stuffs, the details sand dunes could tell you, the land moisture based on North and South, and so forth.

How to make a shelter? How to keep yourself alert of the surroundings even when you're asleep? How to start a fire from raw materials? How to find water and food? And do you know, Bear Grylls is one of the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest at the age of 23?

Going through extreme places without any decent square meals, one shall not be picky with foods or water regardless where it comes from, even if its from a camel carcass. They might be nasty, but they are proven life saving in time of needs. You need to avoid dehydration and stay alive. Here a video that would absolutely... freak you out. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not watch while you're eating or with a full stomach. You had been warned...

Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild

Survival is all about learning to live on what you are able to find in the wild, and have the nerve to put it in your mouth - Bear Grylls

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alma Mater's Call

Last Saturday, there was a farewell dinner for our retiring Bro. Paul Ho, my secondary school principle. We dont goes by the name headmaster, but rather, principle. Being the last brother to serve St. Xavier Institution, many questions would arise relate to the future of our beloved school. Will it ever be in good hand?

my beloved school, St. Xavier Institution

My friend Kennard attended the farewell dinner at Traders Hotel. Probably i should have made myself vacant during that evening and join in the event. Well, no point regreting now. But then again if i ever did, i would need to apply for a private loan or borrow from my parents to go for the dinner. Yea, im officially broke.

"Yea Sou", was his well known alias throughout our school and others as well. His ability and capability to talk, to speak and to lecture for hours. He might not looks like his age, but he always walks around in his white robe and a cane in his right hand, and many had once fallen into his rotan. I too had been caned by Bro. Paul Ho, as early as my 3rd day of school during Form 1. I could still picture that day clearly in my head being talkative. LOL.

How i wish i could have attend that farewell dinner. Singing Alma Mater.

All through our college a voice is resounding,
Promptly respond to your duty's sweet call,

Hearken you all for the trumpet is sounding,
Your mater's proclaiming her watchwords to all

Forward her children dear,

Ever with hearts sincere,

Render with joy to your mater her due,

All that is vile reject,

Heaven will e'er protect,

Sons of St Xavier's valiant and true

Labour will conquer your motto still bearing,
Forward with courage in ways that are just,

True to your standard, be doing and daring,

As faithful Xaverians in Heaven your trust

Forward her children dear,

Ever with hearts sincere,

Render with joy to your mater her due,

All that is vile reject,

Heaven will e'er protect,

Sons of St Xavier's valiant and true!

Goodbye. Farewell. GOD bless Bro. Paul Ho. GOD bless St. Xavier.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Being At The Bottom

Greetings... Here a little update on my company inter department soccer tournament.

A week before while i was away in KL, our team managed to snatch a 1-0 win, and grabbed all the precious 3 points. Though it was a narrow escape, undeservely won, a slim victory; at least we didnt end the game empty handed. We got lucky. I suppose the match would be much more of a fair result if it ended in a draw.

Second match of the day was totally different. Without any substitution and all 8 players had run out of stamina and energy, we lost 4-0. Couldnt be blamed because we had 2 matches in the same evening. Meanwhile, last Saturday was terrible, horrible and vegetable. Started off with confidence, but ended in 5-0 defeat. Sigh. Lack of class, coordination and composure. We were shaky from the start and easily rattled. It was a poor performance.

The 6 teams tournament ended with us at the bottom of the table. Well, it didnt look too embarrassing for us since we still have 3 points. Overall... 5 games played, 1 win, 0 draw, 4 defeats, 2 goals scored, 20 goals conceded, thats negative 18 goals difference!!!, and 3 points. ARGGHHH!!! We were so outplayed and outcast, so overwhelmed by losses.

Despite being last, we still walk home with a piece of face towel for each of us as a consolation price...

Suddenly the gloomy clouds in me vanished when i realized that being at the bottom of league doesnt seem too ugly or unpleasant. In fact, it does carries along some merit points. Why? If we happened to compete again next season, which i seriously doubt many would participate, we can start off with absolutely NO PRESSURE! NO STRESS! Since we're the last team, there's aint any worst-er we can get.

In English language. There's bad, worse, and worst. Considering being the team scoring the lowest points in the table, there's no doubt we are the worst among those 5. Thus, regardless on how we perform in the following year, there's no way we can be worst-er. We could then fight with nothing to lose.

Maybe, just maybe, we could name ourselves Gaya FC. Going out with all the GAYA-ness. LOL.

Alchemy or al-kimia, that many once known, is the art of transformation and transmutation. The ability to manipulate objects and transform one object into another. However the process does come with a cost thought, the basic law of alchemy state in order to gain something you have to sacrifice something of the same value. Gosh, im still very into FMA.

Although football is nothing like alchemy, but i believe everything comes with a price to pay. Libran's scale, a balance. Success doesnt come rolling, hard work comes before glory. With all the lost we had gone through, we do gain something in return. An experience. Satu pengajaran. The values of it depend on how each individual would define and reckon. Its a place where we could evaluate and examine ourselves.

YES, we lost, thats the blunt fact. However still, everyone went home with a smile on their face. They may sigh a little, but its still worthy for a good joke and laugh. I know there are 3 members who lose their McD's bet to our bookie, thats 3 McD burgers. LOL. Nonetheless, we went through good and bad times as a team, as a squad. Strengthening our togetherness.

It was fun.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Robbie Williams - Angels

You know, there are times when a song got into your head and stays there. Repeating itself countlessly. Its just... there. Its been DAYS now. Like this entry sometimes ago had it. But it was this song that's been running.

GOD, i started to enjoy this song more and more...

Im loving angels instead

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SIGNS by Patrick Hughes

Few days ago, i came across this short film (12 minutes long) in Facebook. Entitled Love Without Talking or so it seems, i decided to take a look.

It will be presented in the upcoming Schweppes Short Film Festival. The film has no dialog between the two main characters, just music. Communication is done by signs, facial expressions and scrabbles on papers. Its a warm touching short film thats just brilliantly expressing itself. Lovely and sweet. I like it very much!


Do you want to meet?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gadgets - Cellphone

Men love gadgets, well, mostly. Ranging from handphone to mp3 player; desktop to laptop; PSP to Xbox. Its the small little thing that could blink or produce sound could simply fascinate us men. Sometimes i wonder if we are one of the living creatures that could easily be satisfied. Dont you think so?

I got my mp3 player at the beginning of this year. Though its 1GB, but its enough for me. With the interface that looks a little like an iPod, its capable of operating for more than 8 hours in a single charge. And the best part of all, i got it less than 5 pounds! Its like the most value for money gadget that i ever purchased.

Next on the list, would be a new handphone. I've always dream of having a new mobile. Not that my current W810i doesnt function anymore, but its the fanciness of owning a new gadget. I once got myself very much addicted in owning an iPhone 3G. It looks kinda cool isnt it? Its like a new generation of cellphone. Everyone want to have it in their pocket. But that sudden urge in me subsides when i realize it wasnt too feasible for me to use iPhone.

1. Im a DiGi user! And our government doesnt approves the contract for DiGi to bring in 3G. This would indirectly ensure their Maxis to monopolize the market. No, i dont fancy using other service provider like Maxis, Hotlink or Celcom. Why? Cause smart-er people like me, use DiGi. Even the slogan has it, "DiGi, always the smarter choise". Aint no better? PLUS, their advertisement is always very catchy. *quack quack* I'll write about it some other time.

Okay, the bottomline is, without 3G, iPhone 3G had lost half of its maximum capability. A massive setback, a pure turn off point.

2. The size. 4.5inches (115.5mm) * 2.4inches (65.1mm) * 0.48inches (12.3mm). With the large layout design, where the hell am i going to keep that phone? I usually wear jeans, so its pretty impossible to place it. Even if i could, i couldnt possibly sit down properly. I dont usually carry a bag with me. Thus, if i were to use iPhone 3G, it would be a burden for me. Yea, i know most phones are moving towards this dimension, so its something i got to sort it out myself.

Do you know, usually when i sit down, i'll remove my wallet from my back pocket. Cause its irritating! Thus, i sit with it underneath my lap. Now all be good, and dont rob me. My friend Dexter once ask me why i did so, and i replied, "I sit on it, to squeeze it tight, so that my money wont fly away". The actual excuse was not to kemek or merosakan my wallet. There is an article i once came across where it wrote about the disaster of sitting with your wallet at your back pocket. Probably you should check it out.

3. Bluetooth. I enjoy bluetooth. Simply because of its fast transfer rate from one phone to another. However, iPhone 3G is without this facility. Another drawback for me. Sigh.

Despite it have many other captivating features and attractiveness, like touchscreen qualifications that could end you stunningly mesmerized, iPhone 3G seems lose its placing in my-kind-of-phone. Not that i detest it, probably its me being Gao Hiam. Expectations. But hey, else how would the world improve? LOL.

My new hype is Sony Ericsson Idou (havent being released yet), some said its Sony Ericsson Satio. It have 12 megapixel camera! Thats enable me to zoom in and count the pores on your face since the resolution is so damn high. LOL... just kidding. Touchscreen, WiFi and 3G. However, the size is quite the same as iPhone. Except a centimeter smaller in width. The best part of all, its Sony Ericsson, and im a Sony Ericsson's fan.

Sony Ericsson Idou

Nokia n97 is also another product that im tempted. Though im seem to prefer Sony Ericsson, which only GOD knows why, this n97 seems to be able to grab my attention. Perhaps the finishing touch? Maybe. This Nokia n97 seem to has all the necessity that im up to. There's one thing i like about Nokia, its the map. LOL. Despite my poor navigation skills and where-is-this-name-of-the-road-?, it certainly going to aid me well. *drool*

Nokia n97

Samsung, HTC, LG and BlackBerry also have their own mobiles that are indeed very much attractive. But being a Libran, they are always indecisive when they come to decision. ESPECIALLY when their have a vast variety of options! So thats me again being irresponsible, putting all my blame of the horoscope. Thus they think hard, they think deep, they think long, they think and think until their hairs grow white before deciding.

But above all, with all the written specifications, those are just mere theories. One can only decide how good it is when its practically put into place.

Looking into my wallet... ouch! I guess it would be too expensive to even try to own it. Since im not in the mood to get a new mobile, and with my financial instability at the moment, i dont need to crack my brain to assess and evaluate the pros and cons on which is better. Im not buying anyway. Im writting, for the pleasure of writting.

In the end, Sony Ericsson W810i is still the best! My 21st birthday present from both my parents. It serves me well, proven hero (or heroin, which im not too sure) from time to time. Suits my once walking mp3 title. Camera for photos. An important notepad by my side. The alarm clock that never once fails me, and compliments go on and on.

Its one of the few things i cant live without. Gadgets...