Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Geek Keyboard

We have to admit... at times, we are too computer oriented. Even your fingers had grow customary to the keyboard. How your fingers could easily type our words without you looking at it. Magic.

GEEK, some would say.

But what im about to show you aint any of normal gadgets. For those tech lovers, you gonna be very much amazed.

I have for you, the Geek Keyboard!!!

Its a mobile keyboard. Keyboard attached to your pants. You dont have to take it everywhere you go but... you have it everywhere you go. See the difference?

It aint any of weirdo stuff... It's so freaking cool!!!

You dont have to wear for the fun of the keyboard, it like a new trend. Keyboard on your lap.

Dark pants, easily match with my usual white and black attire. In fact, it is sew with orange thread that strikes the looks of it. ARGH!!! I wanna be owning one...

Where could i get one? I WANT!!!

P.S. What do you think would happen if someone else pressing the "Enter" button too constantly? =P


bjlau said...

Cool stuff, let me know if you found it!

Dann said...

Sure do, and i'll wear it on Friday... =)