Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Hum-p

It began with one fine afternoon. Really fine, to the extend no coffee or caffeine could do the job. The clock is stuck and it feels like a long afternoon. It was then a message came in. It says;

"What do Fergie said to a Char Koay Teow seller?"

It was rather odd for a mail with such a question. Guess the person at the other end is feeling the same... bored, and of cause, sleepy. To which, i reply;


Make sense does it? For a delicious local cuisine that comes out from Fergie, no doubt its Fergalicious! Hahaa, i'ma genius! However, a moment later her reply stunned me.

"Sei Chun, Fergie said...

My hump? What does my hump got to do with Char Koay Teow? Moments later, i came to realize what she's trying to say was, dont want cockle. Because both pronunciation are quite close, another words, identical.

...and she's calling me Sei Chun! (literally means stupid). Sweat...

Minutes later she rang me up and told me. Imagine what if Fergie really dance in front of the Char Koay Teow uncle, shaking her front and back, stressing "mai hum" numerously when buying her meal? Dancing like in the MTV. All the guys gonna be so wowww, while the ladies gonna be so sweat. LOL.

As for me, everytime when i order my curry mee at New World Park, no matter how many times i said i dont want cockle, i still end up with blood cockles inside. Duh! They could provide me with extra cuttlefish or prawn instead of just spamming me with cockles. I enjoy good food, but seriously, im picky on the stuff i eat. Probably that's why im rather... *ahem* skinny.

Perhaps next time i should go;

"Hi aunty, lai hor wah chi pua kali mee. Huan chio ceh ceh. Mai tao pork, mai huek, mai hum... mai hum mai hum mai hum... wah bo suka chiak hum, mai hum... mai hum mai hum mai hum! Oh yeah!"

Literally... Hi aunty, give me a bowl of curry mee. Loads of chili. No dried tofu, no edible pig's blood, no cockle... no cockle no cockle no cockle... i dont like to eat cockle, no cockle... no cockle no cockle no cockle! Oh yeah!

Brilliant isnt it? At least next time around when im there again, that seller would remember that...


P.S. But it depends on how you classify it... Okay, you didnt read what i just said =x

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Anonymous said...

ah leong suka chia hum......