Monday, November 17, 2008

ITD Team Building 2008

Last Saturday my department had a team building at Paradise Sandy Bay Hotel, Tanjung Bungah. The place where i took my Deakin Uni final exam for degree. This is the 3rd team building i've attended since the first day i stepped into this company. So basically its like once a year.

Being apart of the committee members certainly have a lot of things to do. Research on several hotels, negotiate on the prices and quotations, allocation of the budgets, attendances and groupings, preparation of prizes, door gifts and lucky draws, activities and events. In addition, each group has to come out with a presentation. Work work.

prices and lucky draws

There are plenty of prices to be won. Enough for all, so everyone wont be going home empty handed. Many thanks to our big boss, Ms Sharon Ooi, for sponsoring us mountains of presents and gifts.

We named ourselves WuGui for its calmness in whatever scenario, resilient and never-give-up spirit. Ironically we end up like WuGui. LOL. Here's my group member...

3rd row from left: Koed HK, Tan CS, Lim ML, Ooi WJ
2nd row from left: Jessie Teh, Sharon Ooi, Phoenie Tam (group leader), Siti
1st row: me

Here are the photos during the team building, click to enlarge. Except for the last event where limbo rock wasnt really an ideal game for those who are rather tall and aged. I managed to qualify, but not able to stand out for my team. Oops...

Tangram on human figure

jumping shot of WuGui on dancing queen; you can dance... you can jive...

Snow-not-so-White and 7 Thieves (according to Mr Leow)

we like to move it move it, Viva likes to MOVE IT!!!

PohKooi the DK... Disco King!!!

tooot tooot... chuut chuut chuut chuut...

first line of runners... on your mark, get set... *BANG*

dance like a butterfly, and he leap like a frog

WuGui JIA YOU!!! WuGui JIA YOU!!! WuGui JIA YOU!!!

pour, pour, pour the water

MengLiang is possessed!!! performing his ritual dance...

PohKooi rules again... presenting the Limbo King!!!

our family photo

At the end of the day, our team only managed to grab the third placing out of four. But hey... we got what we want in the prices. In fact, all of us had a great time, and that whats really matters. Hehee. Good job everyone. I salute you...

a well taken photo of team WuGui... =)

Overall the games wasnt exactly nice. Some reason out their ideas; some suggest an alternative games, giving rooms for improvement. However the opinions are, one thing is for sure... each and everyone of us are happy. Bringing us closer to each other, learning to work together, building a team spirit... thats what this event is for, Team Building.

I made this photo myself. Happy moments where everyone is having a good time at the dance floor. Suave to the music, groove to the move. Dancing like there's no tomorrow, free one's soul... I love this picture.

everyone of us are having a great time...


PhoeNieTam said...

WuGui JiaYou
WuGui JiaYou
WuGui JiaYou need ephasize i'm leader...
paisei to lead the group to 3rd place la...hehe

Vince Yeoh said...

Seem like your team building quite fun also, I think you should had enjoyed yourselves very much... :)

Dann said...

Phoenie: Its okay. In fact we all are happy and glad to be on 3rd placing. We get out favourite model of tupperwear. LOL.

Vince: Yea, we had a good time. Memorable indeed. Stupid things we do, all the laughter fills the atmosphere. Happy times. XD