Sunday, November 2, 2008

Snippet From Bali

Im still waiting for my friends to send me photos from Bali. Hope it wont be long. However, these are some of the photos tagged to me from my facebook for your viewing.

We look so darn COOL!!!

at Kintamani Volcano

Who says going on a trip with all guys are boring?

Ladies and gentlemen, we're on a boat. The coast is clear, lets sail...

Me and Vince at Kuta beach

I simply love this sight. The Tanah Lot temple. As you can see from this photo, its taken during low tight. During high tight, its totally impossible to walk to the temple on foot, it's like turning into an island itself. Thats why its also known as the floating temple.

Craved out of the landscape by tides, wind and rains, the huge offshore sentinel rock, the site of a picturesque sea-temple dating from the 16th century. The breaking surf surrounding the temple enriches the fantastic sunset panorama that could be experienced in the late afternoon. Its indeed beautiful, and one of the wonders in Bali.

Tanah Lot


Shu said...

Nice pics.. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Dann said...

Yea, wish you were there...

talot said...

Thanks for coming to Tanah Lot Bali

Visit :

Dann said...

LOL. Your most welcome. And you use my blog as your medium of publicity. =P