Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Dear & South Park

my dear and the South Park

As you all realized from my several previous entries, i was all pumped up in my handmade Bumblebee. I was so determined to get it done, until a sudden request came in from my dear that she want those South Park characters to be made. Here's the end product, cute arent they?

Im creating those paper craft without any idea of who is who, and who are they. Thus, i have my girlfriend to download the animated movie for me. The whole movie is filled with "FCUK" and is highly rated "R". Definitely not for kids. Despite its crude, surreal, satirical, and dark humor, i found it hilarious to watch. Its enjoyable and contagious. LOL.

As a result, i got my decent mind contaminated with the nasty song...
"Shut your fucking face uncle fucka
You're the one that fucked your uncle, uncle fucka"

found this over the internet
from left: Stan Marsh, Kyle Brofloski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick

Just for the record. If i were to ever make those four South Park characters again, would you be interested to own them? How much would you offer?

As for now... i can gladly remove the halt sign that jeopardized the progress and continue with my Bumblebee left arm!

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Shu said...

soooo cute!! i love them! *muacks* thanks dear! *hugs*

Sir Simply Saw said...

you made those South Park yourselves ?
lol at first i thought u brought it and make it from some cut out, never knew is your art craft.. very impressive..

what type of material did you used ? and how big is the figure..

i am quite interested in owning a set of them

Dann said...

Shu: *muacks* Your most welcome... ^^

Saw: I got it from
There are plenty of designs that you might find interested. Im using 160gsm A4 size paper. You just gotta try it out!!!