Sunday, September 13, 2009

Penang Hokkien Gathering At Starbucks

Its been a busy weekend. Load of events and handful of activities. My brother came back from KL, family and relatives get together for dinner and movie, "Where Got Ghost", holiday with my dear, and the most of all... the Penang Hokkien podcast gathering.

John "Miku" Ong, the creator of Penang Hokkien podcast, is back from US. Knowing that he's organizing a gathering at Starbucks Queensbay at 4PM, damn im so anticipated to join the fun. I get to meet my idol, its like seeing a celebrity!!! So cool!!!

finally i get to take a photo with my idol Miku!

his trademark devil laughter

Me and my Star participate in the podcasts as well, PGHK #215 PGHK Starbucks. Due to the fact that we go in nameless, Miku gave each of us a nickname. It will be revealed in the following podcast. LOL.

Im so happy. Excited. Argh... HAPPY!!!


enghoo said...

so u going to join next podcast?

Shu said...

miku sounds exactly like his podcast voice in real life. very spontaneous speaker

Dann said...

EngHoo: Well, if the timing doesnt clash with my activities, definitely i'll join! Hahaa... :D

Shu: Yea, especially his trademark laughter. Its so devilish. Not only a spontaneous speaker, he's also full of wits!

H e n r i c k said...

Wa lao eh.. you really use your signature: BO MIAH!! LOL~!

H e n r i c k said...

btw.. I heard you belanja Starbucks.. lolz.. when is my turn? :P

糊涂侠客 said...

hi... this is Shua hu, swim from PGHK..hahahaha.. dunno that you are a blogger too... I actually organise a blogger gathering on this coming saturday at Bukit Mertajam. Want to come over ah???

Dann said...

Henrick: Bo Bo, i bo belanja Starbucks... :P

ShuaHu: Hmm, i think i'll pass. Thanks for the invitation. *felt honored*

min dfin said...

Podcast.... something new to me... I will be waiting eagerly for your podcast.