Monday, September 22, 2008

Fine Milk Chocolate

Sold in Imperial War Museum, these are are chocolates.

No British poster of the Second World War had the dramatic impact of Kitchener's Your Country Needs You in the First. Yet for millions of Britons who lived through the war years from 1939 to 1945, poster themes such as Grow Your Own Food, Careless Talk Costs Lives and Is The Journey Really Necessary? were never to be forgotten. As well as their message, they provide a fascinating glimpse of the prevailing manners and customs of the day.

The wartime posters reproduced here are a small selection from the collection held by the Imperial War Museum.

Fine Milk Chocolate

During the Second World War, milk was in short supply because land which once fed cows was used to grow food for humans. This poster is one of a series designed by James Fitton RA for the Ministry of Food reminding the public that children were entitled to extra milk.

Now it got me thinking... Will our country produce something like this?

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