Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Need A Change

Should i say its getting more and more chaotic? Or its getting more and more interesting?

Because it seems to me that every move and motion made, are simply irrational. Another word, immature. Its like the action and consequence never cross their mind. Oops... i just remembered, they aint any of Zhuge Liang or Zhou Yu in the Red Cliff, Romance of Three Kingdom.

As a part of this niche, i seriously doubt where im living. Questions clouded my sight as i cant see where we are moving from here. Its disappointing. At the same time, its entertaining considering another door is opening for us.

What good is rebate when there's a scammer behind it. All the prices that gone up will stay even if the source decline. Did you ever think of us? Budget released, but how did it benefit us? Another of your plain words?

Here is somewhere we belong. Your history traces you back to Indonesia, so does that makes you immigrants as well? What is the need to send SOOO many outstation when actually needed a few? Bold, but blunt. Many agreed that it is a ploy to avoid potential crossovers.

Why afraid when you are the king? Perhaps you who understand better than us that you're no longer... We have lost hope and faith in this ground. Its about time as well...

Is duty and responsibility something wrong to do? 3 dailies issued show-cause letters? Why is the journalist being detained when she is just reporting the fact? Every press release have to go through editorial process, so why aint the editorial board share the same fate? Why is the perpetrator still walking free? Why he who torn the portrait able to escape from any attention?

'Detention of Journalist an Act to Intimidate Media'

Recent report had assure us that its still on track. Time is ticking their life away; walls are closing down on them. It excites me just thinking of a new revolution. My hometown; my native. There are still hope lies within this society... We need a change.

Desperate for September 16.


Joyce said...

there is no hope for this country

Dann said...

There is still. We must make the difference!!!

there can be miracle when you believe
though hope is frail, its hard to kill...