Saturday, January 24, 2009

In Memory Of Mitre

I had a good game of football today and scored quite a handful of goals. A Pre-Chinese New Year match with only 10 of us turning up for the game. 5 a side and we start kicking.

24 January 2009. That was the last service my boots gave me... Thank you.

Worn out

I guess i wont be considering getting myself a new pair of boots since we seldom play anymore. I'll use other pairs of shoe...


Shu said...

OMG what happen to your boots?! The whole sole came off! How did you kick? =(

Dann said...

Yea... soccer. Its very old boots already, prone to damage. So its no surprise if it end up like that.

Joyce said...

woahhhhhhh.... wtf? why so pia boss? omg ur boots -.- swtswtswt

well, yeah, it's stupid to buy one when u guys play so seldomly hmm? but at least the boots was worth its cost. haha!