Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Place Like London (Part 2)

Waking up in the morning bright, whats ahead of me is another sight.

Big Ben

London Eye


Westminster Abbey

Our next stop was the well known Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster, which is the official London residence of the British monarch. Located in front of the palace is the Victoria Memorial. Considering many tourists gather around the palace, wont the residence inside be distracted?

Buckingham Palace

The Green Park

Do you know... According to Wikipedia;
For football stadium in Newcastle Upon Tyne, its St James' Park
For football stadium in Exeter, its St James Park
AND for the park in Westminster at central London, its St James's Park
St James's Park, the oldest Royal Parks of London

the lake was frozen due to the extreme cold weather

photo with Sherlock Holmes's statue

Madame Tussauds in London, sadly the queue was too long for me to enter... *sigh*

but still i manage to have a photo with Charlie Chaplin

went to Portobello Market for some window shopping

Last but not least, here comes the Emirates. It's the second stadium of Arsenal FC with the capacity of 60 thousands seats. It was originally known as Ashburton Grove until the Emirates Airline made £100m sponsorship. Would have sounded better with Ashburton Grove. Hmm... should have visited Highbury as well.

finally i've reached Arsenal FC

Thank GOD Van Persie managed to lead Arsenal FC to Cardiff once again after outbeat Plymouth Argyll by 3 goals to one. Afterall the sight and sound, London was quite a nice pleasant place to visit. Uniquely special. Next stop... Bonjour Paris!!!


confessions of a medical student said...

i wanna go to london too!!!

Vince Yeoh said...

Haha... At last you went to Emirates Stadium...

PhoeNieTam said...

wish can live in London soon...hehe...

Dann said...

ShinYin: Take AirAsiaX. Its much cheaper. Around RM2K could get you to and fro UK already. =P

Vince: Yea!!! A must go place. Should have visited Highbury as well.

Phoenie: Make a holiday trip there. Take AirAsiaX. Then we all follow you to London. =)

(Promoting AirAsiaX)

PhoeNieTam said...

can i make a long stay at there?

Dann said...

Phoenie: Definately!!! Go Paris, Rome, Venice, Vatican City, and all the places in Europe.