Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back In Penang

Greetings everyone. My apology for least updating my blog. Before i begin, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all (though it was kinda late).

Im back in Penang, Malaysia. Just got off the plane on yesterday evening. Nearly to a day of flight, phew... thats tiring. Hardly could have a rest during my 35 thousands feet above the ground.

It feels a little weird being in Penang. Got me surprise that i must now put on my seatbelt in the car. Sunshine Farlim had been shifted to a new ground. And even just now while i tried to drive my car, i need some time to adapt to it. My driving skills got a little rusty.

Its now near 3pm and im feeling lazy. Tired i suppose. Cause now, its just 7 in the morning in UK and i should be sleeping. Im experiencing Jet Lag. So till im back to the energetic me, i'll just laze around. I'll continue post my photos while in London and Paris when im free. Here's a snipet during my holiday in Paris.

Eiffel Tower

As for now... lets just allow the jet lag to overwhelm me.


Shu said...

Hope you recover from the jet lagginess asap. Get more rest dear. I miss you.

Vince Yeoh said...

Bro, welcome back...

Dann said...

Shu: Need some time to adjust back to Malaysian time mer. I miss you too. *hugs*

Vince: Yo bro! Im back! =P