Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Update

Happy Chinese New Year ladies and gentlemen. Hows your celebration been? Mine been pretty good so far, not mentioning the windscreen issue.

Had a crazy party last Friday at Ms Ling's house. There's been a lot of liquors and wines. All the sights and sounds of new year, but least of fireworks. We started off by playing 007, which i said its underestimating my IQ, but still i end up drinking quite a lot. LOL.

It was really fun to have all of my colleagues gambling and drinking, non-stop yam seng till 1 in the morning. Some got their face looking red, while some were high. Of cause, the party doesnt end there, next Saturday on 7th Feb, Ms Sharon would organize another Chinese New Year party at her house. And again, i bet it would be another of a great party.

Besides partying, i went Pai Ni at my colleagues' house.

at Jessie's house

at my house with an empty table

Finally i managed to watch the great Red Cliff II and its so cool. I still remember because of this movie, i end up reading the history of The Romance Of Three Kingdom in Wikipedia. Before the night ends, we had big feast at InGolf German Restaurant.

full of colors... erm, tasty

P.S. Suddenly im craving for a cup of coffee at some cafe...

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