Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before Niu Year's Celebration End

Every Chinese new year, its been a customary for us to celebrate and welcome the new year until Chap Goh Meh, the 15th night. In these 15 days, certainly there's many adventures for me.

However this year, every joy and laughter will be accompanied with sighs and sorrow. Sometimes i wonder if all of this darkness of life is catching up just to keep them in the game.

Suddenly i realized that even for a famous restaurant, the response time they took in giving us the bill is 10 times more effective and efficient than cleaning up the table for us to sit. Despite for the delicious foods being served, i guess i could only give 3 out of 10 points for the service. Well, they doesnt include service charge, so i guess i couldnt complain much. As for the food, GOD its score pretty well. I give full marks. Ooo... tasty.

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood

Suddenly i realized that one of my colleague is afraid of dog when all of us Pai Ni at BeeLean's house. I better not mention his name, else he would give me more workload. Shhh...

pardon the blurriness, but the dog, Wisky, is so cute!!!

Suddenly i realized that the ice coffee in Black Canyon taste good. Its located in Aeon Jusco at Bandar Perda. The authentic tomyam is one of the best you can get in this area. Sour and spicy. Even with just a smell of it is enough to get you drooling. You just got to try it out.

thumb up for the drink

the green curry and the tomyam... a must try

Suddenly i realized that im not that lucky afterall. Police caught me on Sunday, red-handed. My offence: listening to hand phone while driving. I know its my fault. A bad timing. Why? Cause i dont fancy the idea of using hand free or bluetooth. Im more of the i'll-hold-the-phone-to-my-ear kind of person.

After a short convo with the police, he asked for my IC and driving license. "I beri you saman ya?". "Okay, fair enough", i said. Later i realized that im so STUPID!!! I SHOULD HAD APPEAL OR AT LEAST ASK FOR MERCY!!! After a minute of two with his paperwork, he let me go off with just a caution and warning. I guess Sor Yan Yau Sor Fook, in Canto. LOL.

On second thought, maybe im lucky. Cause i just Kui Tai Sui, in Hokkien, on last Saturday. Thank you Nizam!!! I guess its never too late to practice using the troublesome hand free set.

Suddenly i realized that Kek Lok Si is so beautiful when the lights were turned on. None the less, i cant help but burst into laughter looking at my friend's expression when we climbed up to the 7th floor of the pagoda. LOL. Just for the record, he's afraid of height.

under construction

suddenly this one looks a little too scary

moo moo~~

Kek Lok Si at its best

Suddenly i realized that please do not challenge the red light. I guess im also to be blamed in this incident. It really feels bad involving someone else in an accident. If only i keep my mouth shut, then it might be a sweet escape. Sorry sis. =(

Suddenly i realized that all of us could party until we forget that its already way past midnight. There were buffet dinner. There were gambling session, where many claimed that the Chong, in Hokkien, is their Choi San, in Canto. There were karaoke sessions. Not to forget, the drinking session. There were liquor, wisky, baileys, beers, wines and margaritas. GOD i was drunk that night and became the victim of alcohol. Drowsy...



PhoeNieTam said...

*sobsob* CNY 2009 is over...*sobsob* forgot to mention something happen in the escalator...
(i jz finished paktuo with Youtube...he told me so far do not have the video)

Vince Yeoh said...

Did you realized, you had been using 'Suddenly i realized' 7 times in this post, haha...

Dann said...

Phoenie: Mai mention ler, later that uncle kill me. Pray GOD no one filmed it, else 3 of us gonna be famous overnight. LOL.

Vince: Yup, purposely one mer, wanna make it more rhyme.

Shu said...

I want to eat Tom Yam and Green Curry! T_T

Stella Lee said...

haha, it is noone fault, ok...
The last kek lok si, great angle, nice one!

Dann said...

Shu: Hehe, lets go to Aeon when you're back. I miss the tomyam also. ^^

Stella: Really feels guilty lar. Hmm... must eat vegetable to clear my sin. LOL.

@dam said...

Dann, never give bribe!

Trust me, as long as you are not wearing Ralph Lauren Polo-T with a pair of Armani Sunglasses, if the police say "I bagi saman ya?", just do as you did! If he asked twice or's even more confirmed that he wants bribe and nothing else...persist and you will be given just...a CAUTION!

So, it's not Soh Yan Yau Soh Fok! It's like that!!!