Monday, June 15, 2009

Being At The Bottom

Greetings... Here a little update on my company inter department soccer tournament.

A week before while i was away in KL, our team managed to snatch a 1-0 win, and grabbed all the precious 3 points. Though it was a narrow escape, undeservely won, a slim victory; at least we didnt end the game empty handed. We got lucky. I suppose the match would be much more of a fair result if it ended in a draw.

Second match of the day was totally different. Without any substitution and all 8 players had run out of stamina and energy, we lost 4-0. Couldnt be blamed because we had 2 matches in the same evening. Meanwhile, last Saturday was terrible, horrible and vegetable. Started off with confidence, but ended in 5-0 defeat. Sigh. Lack of class, coordination and composure. We were shaky from the start and easily rattled. It was a poor performance.

The 6 teams tournament ended with us at the bottom of the table. Well, it didnt look too embarrassing for us since we still have 3 points. Overall... 5 games played, 1 win, 0 draw, 4 defeats, 2 goals scored, 20 goals conceded, thats negative 18 goals difference!!!, and 3 points. ARGGHHH!!! We were so outplayed and outcast, so overwhelmed by losses.

Despite being last, we still walk home with a piece of face towel for each of us as a consolation price...

Suddenly the gloomy clouds in me vanished when i realized that being at the bottom of league doesnt seem too ugly or unpleasant. In fact, it does carries along some merit points. Why? If we happened to compete again next season, which i seriously doubt many would participate, we can start off with absolutely NO PRESSURE! NO STRESS! Since we're the last team, there's aint any worst-er we can get.

In English language. There's bad, worse, and worst. Considering being the team scoring the lowest points in the table, there's no doubt we are the worst among those 5. Thus, regardless on how we perform in the following year, there's no way we can be worst-er. We could then fight with nothing to lose.

Maybe, just maybe, we could name ourselves Gaya FC. Going out with all the GAYA-ness. LOL.

Alchemy or al-kimia, that many once known, is the art of transformation and transmutation. The ability to manipulate objects and transform one object into another. However the process does come with a cost thought, the basic law of alchemy state in order to gain something you have to sacrifice something of the same value. Gosh, im still very into FMA.

Although football is nothing like alchemy, but i believe everything comes with a price to pay. Libran's scale, a balance. Success doesnt come rolling, hard work comes before glory. With all the lost we had gone through, we do gain something in return. An experience. Satu pengajaran. The values of it depend on how each individual would define and reckon. Its a place where we could evaluate and examine ourselves.

YES, we lost, thats the blunt fact. However still, everyone went home with a smile on their face. They may sigh a little, but its still worthy for a good joke and laugh. I know there are 3 members who lose their McD's bet to our bookie, thats 3 McD burgers. LOL. Nonetheless, we went through good and bad times as a team, as a squad. Strengthening our togetherness.

It was fun.


Vince Yeoh said...

Just imagine if Arsenal with this form, will Arsene Wenger remain calm, haha...

H e n r i c k said...

lol.. still craze on FMA huh? :P

Shu said...

haiz.. i feel it. my newcastle united is in this position as well.

Dann said...

Vince: TOUCHWOOD! Professor Arsene Wenger is building his team full of armory. *transfer window open*

Henrick: Hahaa... FMA!

Shu: As far as i can remember, its far better than Leeds United, a team that i once fear. A taboo team for us Arsenal. Who knows, next season Newcastle might be promoted to Barclay Premier League again. There's always hope... ^^