Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gadgets - Cellphone

Men love gadgets, well, mostly. Ranging from handphone to mp3 player; desktop to laptop; PSP to Xbox. Its the small little thing that could blink or produce sound could simply fascinate us men. Sometimes i wonder if we are one of the living creatures that could easily be satisfied. Dont you think so?

I got my mp3 player at the beginning of this year. Though its 1GB, but its enough for me. With the interface that looks a little like an iPod, its capable of operating for more than 8 hours in a single charge. And the best part of all, i got it less than 5 pounds! Its like the most value for money gadget that i ever purchased.

Next on the list, would be a new handphone. I've always dream of having a new mobile. Not that my current W810i doesnt function anymore, but its the fanciness of owning a new gadget. I once got myself very much addicted in owning an iPhone 3G. It looks kinda cool isnt it? Its like a new generation of cellphone. Everyone want to have it in their pocket. But that sudden urge in me subsides when i realize it wasnt too feasible for me to use iPhone.

1. Im a DiGi user! And our government doesnt approves the contract for DiGi to bring in 3G. This would indirectly ensure their Maxis to monopolize the market. No, i dont fancy using other service provider like Maxis, Hotlink or Celcom. Why? Cause smart-er people like me, use DiGi. Even the slogan has it, "DiGi, always the smarter choise". Aint no better? PLUS, their advertisement is always very catchy. *quack quack* I'll write about it some other time.

Okay, the bottomline is, without 3G, iPhone 3G had lost half of its maximum capability. A massive setback, a pure turn off point.

2. The size. 4.5inches (115.5mm) * 2.4inches (65.1mm) * 0.48inches (12.3mm). With the large layout design, where the hell am i going to keep that phone? I usually wear jeans, so its pretty impossible to place it. Even if i could, i couldnt possibly sit down properly. I dont usually carry a bag with me. Thus, if i were to use iPhone 3G, it would be a burden for me. Yea, i know most phones are moving towards this dimension, so its something i got to sort it out myself.

Do you know, usually when i sit down, i'll remove my wallet from my back pocket. Cause its irritating! Thus, i sit with it underneath my lap. Now all be good, and dont rob me. My friend Dexter once ask me why i did so, and i replied, "I sit on it, to squeeze it tight, so that my money wont fly away". The actual excuse was not to kemek or merosakan my wallet. There is an article i once came across where it wrote about the disaster of sitting with your wallet at your back pocket. Probably you should check it out.

3. Bluetooth. I enjoy bluetooth. Simply because of its fast transfer rate from one phone to another. However, iPhone 3G is without this facility. Another drawback for me. Sigh.

Despite it have many other captivating features and attractiveness, like touchscreen qualifications that could end you stunningly mesmerized, iPhone 3G seems lose its placing in my-kind-of-phone. Not that i detest it, probably its me being Gao Hiam. Expectations. But hey, else how would the world improve? LOL.

My new hype is Sony Ericsson Idou (havent being released yet), some said its Sony Ericsson Satio. It have 12 megapixel camera! Thats enable me to zoom in and count the pores on your face since the resolution is so damn high. LOL... just kidding. Touchscreen, WiFi and 3G. However, the size is quite the same as iPhone. Except a centimeter smaller in width. The best part of all, its Sony Ericsson, and im a Sony Ericsson's fan.

Sony Ericsson Idou

Nokia n97 is also another product that im tempted. Though im seem to prefer Sony Ericsson, which only GOD knows why, this n97 seems to be able to grab my attention. Perhaps the finishing touch? Maybe. This Nokia n97 seem to has all the necessity that im up to. There's one thing i like about Nokia, its the map. LOL. Despite my poor navigation skills and where-is-this-name-of-the-road-?, it certainly going to aid me well. *drool*

Nokia n97

Samsung, HTC, LG and BlackBerry also have their own mobiles that are indeed very much attractive. But being a Libran, they are always indecisive when they come to decision. ESPECIALLY when their have a vast variety of options! So thats me again being irresponsible, putting all my blame of the horoscope. Thus they think hard, they think deep, they think long, they think and think until their hairs grow white before deciding.

But above all, with all the written specifications, those are just mere theories. One can only decide how good it is when its practically put into place.

Looking into my wallet... ouch! I guess it would be too expensive to even try to own it. Since im not in the mood to get a new mobile, and with my financial instability at the moment, i dont need to crack my brain to assess and evaluate the pros and cons on which is better. Im not buying anyway. Im writting, for the pleasure of writting.

In the end, Sony Ericsson W810i is still the best! My 21st birthday present from both my parents. It serves me well, proven hero (or heroin, which im not too sure) from time to time. Suits my once walking mp3 title. Camera for photos. An important notepad by my side. The alarm clock that never once fails me, and compliments go on and on.

Its one of the few things i cant live without. Gadgets...


H e n r i c k said...

LoL.. my Motorola alarm has failed me several times until I realized what actually went wrong with it, it's the Java apps that causes problem. :P

Anyway, iPhone 3G in Malaysia is hell expensive, and Maxis's plan = Hell plan as well. ^_^

Dann said...

Henrick: Perhaps you should consider Sony Ericsson? Cause it never fails me everytime.

Btw, i came to realize that DiGi also incoorporate with BlackBerry. Need to find more details about it. LOL. However, i didnt saw any BlackBerry Storm in their promo.

enghoo said...

nokia still rocks....
anyway, the 12MP Idou is realy cool!

Anonymous said...

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