Friday, June 26, 2009

ITD Team Building 2009

Our ITD department had another team building last Saturday, conducted by the Human Resource Department. Unlike the usual team building that we had to dig our wallet for the expenses, this time around its fully sponsored. Nonetheless, there is a small group of people who didnt turn up. Well, they are not to be blamed since its written "strongly encourage" instead of "must" or "compulsory'. Thus the management gives their employees options to choose in the first place... ^^

Comparing to the previous team building at Paradise Hotel, this is quite different. Its located at the Copthorne Orchid Hotel and its a full day session held by Dynamic Resources Training & Consultancy. The programmes, physical activities, are carried out with specific learning outcomes. There's also a debriefing sessions after each activity to relate learning against the actual workplace scenario.

we look so red!

There are several activities that being called into action; Long Rope, Sighted and Unsighted, Trust Fall Series and Trust Free Fall.

Long Rope

team MsLing, with sighted MsKhaw (left) and WongHC (right)
WongHC: hahahaa... TAKE AH!

On the second activity, Sighted and Unsighted, our General was given a much difficult task; to push and pull a cow that reluctantly obeys. Towards the end, our General banged the cow's head on the floor timelessly and all of us laughed non-stop by his actions. Oh, poor cow. *salute General Tan*

And BAD DANN! BAD DANN! regards his colleague as cow. LOL.

the last team to reach in the 2nd half of Sight and Unsighted
the "cow" got bullied by General Tan and YongWC

AhChua being the victim of the spotters

me nearly overshot in the Trust Fall Series

falling PohKooi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

our speaker is singing Wilber Pan - Who Took My Microphone

MsSharon with her closing speech...

Throughout the whole 9 hours of team building, we keep singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PohKooi. Every opportunity that comes in, we'll sing to our heart content, and i've lost count after 7-8 times.

The team building we had was quite the same as the one i had during LTC (Leadership Training Camp) in my secondary school. 6 days 5 nights, THE BEST EVER CAMP! We also have The Trust Fall Series and Trust Free Fall. But then again, this was another great experience. A lesson to learn, dont ever attend any team building if its your birthday.

Everything ended at 5:15PM. We then sang another birthday song to officially drop the curtain of the team building. Overall, a great time spend.


PhoeNieTam said...

~>.<~ sad a!
i miss the happy hour!

by the way...
ahChua macam kena molest by u guys!
you guys so lon(cantonese)

Dann said...

Phoenie: Yea, it was a nice moment to be at the team building. Whoever gets into the middle will look like being molested. LOL.

Anonymous said...

oh, that's bad to refer him as 'cow' ... hope he don't read your blog lol

Dann said...

Lets just hope he doesnt read this entry... =x

Mukesh Patel said...


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