Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paper Craft: TransParkers Bumblebee

Look at the photo above. Just before you scroll any further down, could you possibly guess what is it? And what you are looking at it is not a tarantula.

Here's the end product! So cute isnt it? The TransParkers Bumblebee. It took me 2 days to complete this TransParkers Bumblebee. The details could be found in this website.

Bumblebee and Sideswipe

Bumblebee: Hehe, im controlling Sideswipe... Sit Sideswipe, sit!

Sideswipe: You dare to make fun of me?
Bumblebee: Im sorry. Put me down, put me down... :'(

The hype of Transformers in me still havent going down hill, instead its like a burning fire on a vast green land that just keep on consuming the nearby grasses. I wouldnt say its like a poison, cause i dont collect all of them. The thought of even buying a character is not practical. Its expensive to own, which makes it not cost effective. As a result, until today, i only brought the cool Sideswipe, which is a pure awesome.

After several surveys made and feedbacks received, i've concluded that i wanted to buy a ROTF Human Alliance Bumblebee, or HABB in short. Considering it cost around RM150 on Hasbro release, i have to think twice before deciding to own it. Poor Dann.

Recently i found a site thats able to erase this miserable fate of mine. Its guide you to constructing your own paper craft, and one of it is Bumblebee. Its a Transformer The Movie's Bumblebee.

So i send the downloaded files for color printing. With the total of 25 pages of A4 size paper medium glossy 160gsm, it cost me around RM37.50. The fully build Bumblebee is at 26cm in length, 31cm wide and standing at 45cm in height. With the total number of parts at a stunning amount of 1150 pieces, i bet it would take me months to complete it. Nonetheless, im up for the challenge.

it said to create this version of bumblebee

It might be a troublesome Bumblebee paper craft project, but the thought of constructing it is what that attracts me. And of cause, it might be able to generate a handsome amount of money in return, if its sold of cause.

By the way, i found out that the these websites serve alot of paper crafts are creatives. Probably, you too should check it out.
2. toy-a-day

the naive and innocent side of TransParkers Bumblebee...

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PhoeNieTam said...

wow..i will kill sideswipe if he bully bee...hehe...

well done wo...exactly the same like picutre wo..
( i gun the ears wrongly jo )

Shu said...

Aww actually he looks cute just like that... like the MSN icon.

Dann said...

Phoenie: Glued wrongly? Print and start all over again. :P

Shu: Its so cute, especially the last photo. Yea, it reminds me also of the MSN icon. Hahaa.

Vince Yeoh said...

I feel like the Bumblebee should look better if the head is smaller...

Anyway, it's just my personal opinion, hehe...

H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. it comes with big head because they purposely want to make it cute. :D But seriously.. nice piece of work there!

H e n r i c k said...

Btw.. just realized the last pic shown like somehow he's sucking the "gu leng tao" lolz.. :P

Dann said...

Vince: If the head looks small, then i guess it wont be as cute as this anymore. Hehee. By the way, upload your Deformed Gundam photos ler... :P

Henrick: The layout was originally meant for SouthPark's characters. However after the inventor/creator got its model made, he decided to use the layout as its framework for all of his upcoming's model paper craft. So here it is, the TransParkers (instead of Transformers) Bumblebee. Thanks for the compliment. ^^

Yea, that photo was really cute. Its like a baby transformer sucking a pacifier. LOL.

H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. 'Pacifier', now you makes me remember the word. Thanks. ^_^