Thursday, July 16, 2009

Transformers ROTF Deluxe Class Sideswipe

So here it is... my Sideswipe.

Damn, im good!

I've gone searching for high and low for it, but apparently all the shops that i went to had this model being sold out. In fact, almost every shop had completely sold out their "hot" items, except for some of the least favourables. It kind of surprising to me when i realized that Sideswipe was one of the items that's being sold out so quickly.

Thus, i went online to look for this cool robot at There's a guy, Kenny P'ng, who's selling at RM70 in Penang, and its new. Considering i got an extra funding from my training's lunch allowance, i contact Kenny and placed my order.

my new toy...

I had quite a hard time trying to get it out from the box since i dont want to damage both the toy and the box. I still want to keep it like how it is (just incase for second value). It wasnt easy to transform to the robot mode, took me couple of minutes. It had its deployable blades and stand on his wheels, so its pretty unstable until you find the right spot. However still, the end product is really awesome. It fascinate me.

the Covette Stingray Concept car

the robot mode

Sideswipe is so YENG~~

you want a piece of me?

Im now considering to get another one, the ROTF Deluxe Class of Bumblebee. Should i?


Shu said...

No! Save $$ for our honeymoon!!

Dann said...

Shu: Dear, honeymoon is still far away... now allocating budget first. ^^

Mr Gin said...

what a transformers fan!!