Monday, October 6, 2008

6th October

6th October. I like the month of October. Libran said to be cool and charming, but stubborn and conservative. Despite their nature to listen and weight the scale, they too at times find themselves to be easily influenced.

Well, certainly this year will be a little different. Due to "Kao Ong Ya" (in Hokkien), i'll be indulging myself in vegetarian for the last 3 days, which start from yesterday. Though its kind of odd that this special day of mine, im restricted to only vegetable (self daclare), but like said, at least i go around didnt consuming animal, which seems to be a good deed.

Guess its a post celebration since i got a voucher of 50% discount offer at Kim Gary.

Saw another food review in the past few days. It wrote about the Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar at Tanjung Bungah located just beside the Ingolf German Restaurant. The name itself is quite tempting. If im not mistaken, and if the writer not mistaken, it's the first Bulgarian Restaurant in Penang... or at least that came to my notice.

I bet it aint going to be any cheap, so not going to try out anytime soon. Have to be extra cautious in my spending. Hmm, anybody interested for a bite though?

My brother, Steve, is now working at Western Digital, station in KL. This year he and my mom got me a present. A new gadget. TA DA!!!

My Passport Essential

It is a portable hard drives something which i've always wanted. 160GB, wasnt much but is enough for my usage. USB 2.0. Its height 15mm, length 126mm, width 80mm. 3 years of warantee and its coolly coated in arctic white.

It was then later in the late afternoon/near evening, a sweet surprise came knocking at my door... And guess what? My dear send me a birthday cake and roses. Aww...

My cake and roses

It makes me so want to eat it. Look at the chocolate... Irresistible!!! =x

Sigh... my modem spoiled. Need to get it repair, and that going to cost me some cash as well. Till then, signing off.



confessions of a medical student said...

guess what? my modem also rosak liao!! sigh... but the modem is free anyway fr tmnet... i didnt know can repair modem.. i thought of getting a new one...

p/s: happy birthday! =) the cake looked delicious!

Shu said...

Happy birthday dear! *hugs* Sorry you cant eat the cake yet cos u are still a vegetarian for the 9 Emperor Festival. Take care. I love you.

Dann said...

ShinYin: Libran share a same fate? LOL. Get yourself a new one soon, then you can get back to blogging world. Thanks for the wishes!

Shu: Thanks dear. *hugs* I'll have the cake tonite for supper. 2 hours plus to go. Cant wait!!!
Love you very much... =)

princessD said...

happy birthday!!

Dann said...

Keavie: Thanks for your wishes. =)