Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Wonders

I read an article sometime ago. An article which proven quite true from my view; generally down to earth. Despite of its lengthy sentences and paragraphs, many things were unearthed in this issue referred as "Quarter Life Crisis".

For instance, if someone could live up to 80 to 120, well if we could, then with a simple math of a quarter out of it, it would live you to where the range between 20 to 30. I guess many of us who is reading this entry falls under this category. Quarter.

Naturally we succumbed into it. One moment we are secure, the next moment we felt insecure. We start to understand much more about life. What are constant and static, and what are variable and dynamic. Actions and consequences. When impossible turns possible. How a bird flips its wing in Florida could cause a tornado in Costa Rica, the butterfly effect.

We cant run away from it. We worry about life. What will it be in the next 5 or 10 years? How is it to earn more money in a short duration? Will we ever want to get married? Will we have enough for a car or a house? What does it mean by success and failure? Future is yet to be seen, even if it is, we never knew where had it been.

Despite it all, there are still many things we could cherish how beauty life is. The sun that rises, the moon that brightens. The roof above you, the friends that remember you. Family and support, knowledge that had been thought. A mishap, but lessons learn. It is true that life sucks, but it sucks beautifully if we just noticed (sometimes).

At times we just need to realize we are not alone, and the fact that we are already much better than many, are seldom at sight. Give more, expect less. Learn to be happy, to the extend of those clips below...

Thank GOD its Friday... Found a parking slot... Another crab...

These are the little wonders, well, maybe it was a little exaggerated. These are things in life we could appreciate and acknowledge the goodness of it.

A simple notion that cast away a frown, in this boundless ground
A simple motion that craft a smile, and it doesnt take much for a while...

To every little good thing in life... CHEERS!

P.S. I have a confession. I love Friday. TGIF!!! ^^

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