Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back From Bali

Im back from Bali!!!

WOw... its hot out there. Literally as well as figuratively, adding extra tan on my skin. Im proud to say i look like Mr Cool (Louis Koo), hey stop throwing slippers, i mean the color of the skin. Healthy chocolate.

It was a great trip overall. The design and craft of the building are very native and cultural. Uniquely special. However, there's one thing that got me curious, wondering why majority of the statue wearing sarung? I got tattoo on my hand. YEAH!!! Well, just a temporary tattoo. Said to be last for 2 weeks, its slowly fading, probably couldnt make it though.

My first time flying, never took a flight before. An experience mixture of pleasure and pain. Both of my ears hurt and i could felt that my blood rushing to my face. Ouch. However while departing home, it was more comfort, slowly adapting to it. Finally, got my passport stamped.

We took a lot of photos, but they are at my friends' camera. So... have to patiently wait... =)


@dam said...

hey bro...glad u enjoyed bali!...

about the sarong thingy...i may put some light to is just like their people....during ceremony, they wear sarongs too...

it is to cover up as respect to their Gods too have to cover up la!!!...the colors are usually black, white and yellow...

confessions of a medical student said...

welcome back dann!!! ^^ glad to see you blogging again!

about the sarung thingy, what adam said was right.. it's really funny to see those statues wearing sarungs in bali... and they have this super big and high doorways...

looking forward to see those pictures :)

p/s: when on flight next time and got ear pain, you can try doing the valsava maneuver.. like popping your ears..
1. press your nose with your thumb and index fingers to seal the nostrils
2. then blow as hard as you can, one quick blow
3. you will hear a popping sound
after that, it's so comfortable :)

Dann said...

Adam: Thanks for the enlightening me. Surely its very cultural there. Crafty. Like an ancient culture being well preserved.

ShinYin: Valsava maneuver, was that another medical term? It get better as time goes by, adapting to it. My next flight would be on this coming December, surely your advise would help.

Appreciate your guidance... =)