Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off To Bali

Sorry, i've forgotten the url to my blog

That's one lame excuse. It feels guilty, for not updating my blog despite knowing there are people all across the world dropping by at this page of mine. My apology. Wow... spider web all over, need some spring cleaning.

Its 9:40PM Wednesday, cloudy night. I've done packing now, what else should i bring. Yup, i'll be goin to BALI for holidays. It would be 5 days 4 nights, which means i'll be back on Monday afternoon.

It wasnt much of anticipation compare to the one in this coming December. But still, i'll be going with 4 of my college mates. They are one bunch of jokers and clowns, so i guess i'll be having a great time joking and laughing. I know we sounded very gay considering all of us are guys, but hey, im normal. Im attached to my Shu dear. Loves her. =)

By the way, i dont detest people who are attracted to the same gender.

I should be sleeping now; i need to wake up at around 4.15AM. Yea, its that early. I'll continue update my blog when im back. Till then...

...and for the record, this is my first time flying.

Signing off,


H e n r i c k said...

Wow.. you have packed things up so early?! I just finished mine.

Well... I guess we'll have some fun there, let's create some memories and history :P

First time fly-er, nice! Welcome onboard and let's have a safe journey. ;)

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confessions of a medical student said...

enjoy your bali trip ya!! =)

p/s: who's bali hotel?? walau ! can advertise even in other ppl's blog.. cekap pun!

Dann said...

Henrick: BACK FROM BALI!!! A nice holiday. hahaa. =D

Bali Hotel: What a way to promote. I stay in White Rose Hotel, at Legian.

ShinYin: Thanks for ur wishes. I dont know either. lol.