Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Edinburgh, Scotland

E-din-burgh or E-din-bra. Whichever way you pronounce it, its still the same city at Scotland. So with less talking and more photographs... here you are;

the train station

reached the Edinburgh Waverley Station

im at Edinburgh, Scotland!!!

the bridge

the Jenners

oops... i've forgotten the name of this monument

the back alley

along the streets


Georgian? or was it Victorian? maybe Greek?
just magnificient...

they even got Hard Rock Cafe

me with James Clerk Maxwell's statue

dont know why, but i like this photo

looks like Grey's Monument in Newcastle?

the park

ladies, its LOUIS VUITTON!!!

another photo

beautiful isnt it?

im at Royal Mile

the Edinburgh Castle

the Queen Gallery

its a festival call Edinburgh Hogmanay. Wow... so many torches...

and they walk along the streets around the town

the night view

a theme park

and a giant Ferris wheel

It is so much of a nice place to visit. MUST NOT MISS OUT!!! Its just so historic and wonderful. I love Edinburgh...


H e n r i c k said...

Nice place, it's my dream to visit UK. Definitely need to go there in the future. Happy New Year to you Dann! :)

Stella Lee said...

Dann...I like the photo titled "another photo" what a beautiful natural view!