Thursday, May 21, 2009

Midnight Blue

Stylish isnt it? Its the new away jersey for 2009/10. Its called, Midnight Blue. Though it looks a little weird with blue, but still, it looks good. ^^

Captian Fabregas in Midnight Blue

the Russian playmaker, Andrey Arshavin

Eduardo celebrating his superb goal with fellow teammates

the young Theo Walcott

Those images were taken from Arsenal FC website.

With them looking rather confident and amazing in those jerseys, how i hope and pray that Arsenal could lift at least a trophy next season. Decorate their cabinets with a silverware.

I got this weird feeling in my tummy. It feels like i've seen these photos somewhere. Not that i dreamt of these images before, but the figures and silhouette are indeed very familiar. Its like the photos taken from previous winning matches, and with some magics and wonders of Adobe Photoshop to create these photos.


Shu said...

Could be photoshop. Since it's a new jersey and hardly worn at so many previous matches. Or possibly special photo shoots because of the great quality of the shots.
Btw, I thought my dear doesn't like the Away shirt that I bought in yellow? T_T

Dann said...

Shu: Dear, i said usually people brought the home jersey rather than the away. I didnt say i dont like wor...

Mr Gin said...

wait till you see manchester united new jersey..just you