Saturday, May 9, 2009

Restaurant City in Facebook

Dexter: Aiyoh, boss of your own restaurant even have to become a cleaner to wash the floor. So pity ah? Whahahahaaaa...

Dexter, send me a mail through Restaurant City and that was what he wrote. Basically, it looks cruel to have your friend to be a cleaner who washes the floor and toilet bowl. Thus, the owner himself had to wash it. Yea... im washing my own restaurant's floor. *sob*

He is one of my best buddies during our time in college. Together with him, Jimmy and Kevin, we are the so called the F4 in our class. Well, i cant really recall how we got that title, probably we named it ourselves? Or was it Lina's appearance in the loop? Maybe we were a little notorious back then?

Anyway, each of us is unique and has our own different character. We have an organizer who lead this small group of 4, our leader. An adventurous guys, who seems to know everything. An obedient mama's boy, who always follow the rules. And a guy who needs to be at home before 6, just to feed his dog. Its funny how 4 of us could mix very well together.

Back to Restaurant City, i decided to make a change.

JENG JENG. Dexter is washing the smelly toilet bowl~~

Adoris: Lolz. Dexter seh toh ka -.-""

Oops, paise Adoris. Dexter's girlfriend complained already. But it feels good to kor thok your best friend sometimes... LOL


Dexter said...

Nice one, bro! Brotherhood forever!!

Dann said...

Yup. Brotherhood forever!! Hmm... we sounds so FullMetal Alchemist 2: Brotherhood. =P