Thursday, May 14, 2009

Danny Boy

I believe many do came across this advertisement in cinema, and recently, its been being aired on local television we well. It was this stupid commercial that triggered me to publish this entry entitled, Danny Boy.

DiGi on new Window Live Messenger

Of all the names they could possibly pick on, they choose on this name, DANNY. Not that i felt insulted or anything. I mean, it feels great to be recognized and to be on air. I mean, really... Well, except for the "boy" part.

It start with a cute guy named Danny, walking along the street, going on a blind date. The music started to play "Sugar, ooo honey honey... you're my candy girl", it was the classic song during The Archie, one of the cartoon i used to watch back then. Drawing out his cellphone, he messaged his friends and they suggested him to get his date some flowers and chocolate, which expectedly he did. Suddenly he stumbled upon his date with a bang. *ouch*

His date looked rather gigantic in her she-male's appearance. Doubled the size of Danny and cause an uproar in the scene. The shocked-stunned Danny went screaming disbelieved, while his date shouting "Danny, oh Danny boy", came chasing after him. LOL. On second thought, his date looks like one of the character in Doreamon's comic. Remember Giant's sister, Hana? She looks like Hana.

Okay, let me leak out a secret. I dislike my name when i was small. Seriously. Cause its such a common name, and being a school boy in primary school back then, i couldnt imagine how i could live up to that name. I mean Danny is like a name for a small boy, and when im old enough, i dont want to carry that name. Its a nightmare. That was how i look at it in those days.

At times i wonder if my parents got too carried away with Grease, starring John Travolta as Danny Zuko.

GREASE with John Travolta

Do you remember the song Tubthumping sang by Chumbawamba in 1997? It have repeated lines of "I get knocked down, But i get up again. You're never going to keep me down" on the chorus. That is one freaking annoying song, and i hate that song big time. There's one small section of the lyrics that goes "Oh Danny boy, Danny boy, Danny boy", and my brother always tortured me with that sentence.

So... i decided to make a change and move on. Deliberately remove the letter "Y" at the back of "DANNY". Thus i go by the name of Dann Leong. It sounds better to me. Had my Facebook, my blog, my Google profile and whatever that relates to me, changed. You may just call me AhDann or Dann in short.

Im not saying that the name Danny wasnt a good name, its just that it doesnt suits me well. There are many stars out there with the name Danny. There are Danny Murphy, an ex-Liverpool midfielder who's currently playing for Fulham. Danny Higginbotham from Southampton; Danny Welbeck from Manchester United; Danny Mills from Manchester City. The actor Danny DeVito. Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle. Wasnt that bad afterall...

So the above are my little history of how i got my name, Dann.

Speaking of Danny, couple of months back then i did wrote an entry about My Life Being An Artist. Its a one-shot that stand by itself, however many readers end up believing im an artist. No, the fact is, that entry was a pure made up. The inspiration came in when i was so happened to stumble upon this url, with a new layout

It looks kinda cool with someone having identical name as mine living thousand miles away from me, and created a webpage. Just that im more good looking. Okay, that was 100% self-proclaimed. No harm if i make use of his website to create an entry, since im giving him a free publicity. LOL.

Danny is derived from the name Daniel.
It is Hebrew origin, and it means "God is my judge"


Shu said...

OH DANNY BOY!! lol.. my mom still calls you Danny. Actually Danny sounds more complete. Dann sounds like a short-form like Den (i.e. Dennis). I can never imagine you as a Daniel though. In my mind, Daniel is a chubby looking boy. And Danny is a sweet, humble cutie like you.

PhoeNieTam said...

[quote]Just that im more good looking.[/quote] virus also infected u jo...

Mr Gin said...

I think my name "Gin" is still being used on know have not done homework have not done anything, still playing games.. I think u get it..

Dann said...

Shu: Yea, Dann is Danny in short. Hahaa, i prefer to be called AhDann or Dann. Sounds more "close" in relation.

Phoenie: Your virus is more deadly, mine is mild. LOL.

Gin: I thought that suppose to be "Jin"? By the way, have you done your homework before going online? Err, is it a apple or an apple? Oh man, this is hard

H e n r i c k said...

LOL... You know what's in my mind when I first saw that advertisement in cinema? I was like, hell.. you got lucky for not sitting beside me like our movie gang used to go out last time. Otherwise, you surely kena gao gao like how you kena me last time. :P

Dann said...

Henrick: Man, you still remember that? LOL, i cant even recall whats advertisement is it. Guess i really got lucky. Phiew... =P