Sunday, May 31, 2009

6-1. We Scored A Goal

Second match was against Power FC. Heading to the field, there are only several conditions that we got to fulfill as a team. That is;

1. DO NOT concede any goal in the first 15 seconds.
2. Although many pundits believe we're going to lose, but still we have to keep the score line to the minimum. DO NOT let the opponent score more than 5 goals.
3. AT LEAST, at least, try to get a goal.

The match kicked off with us without any substitute player on the pitch. With just couple of seconds after the first whistle was blew, there was a massive clash on the field. Our midfielder, AhYong, and the opponent knock on each other's head!

The match was immediately put on a halt as soon as the referee saw AhYong's head bleeding. He was then sent to the nearby clinic for treatment. Thinking that we probably got it worst, but hell no, the opponent player had his tooth broken! His gums were bleeding as well.

One. Two. Three. Slowly and gradually, we started to concede goals again. One after another. Towards the end of the match, Gary made a good run pass the defender and slot the ball perfectly to AhChua. And with the finest touch, we scored.


We scored a goal. The moment we scored, all the other team players cheer for us! They were supporting us from behind even they will be our opponent next week. They cheer for us. Hailing our team, HUA HEE HUA HEE!!!. It was the sweetest moment so far.

In the end, we managed to grab a consolation goal, but we conceded 6. Yup, the final score is 6-1. LOL. But all of us are very happy. Though we lost, but we scored. Hahaa. A sign of improvement... ^^


H e n r i c k said...

Wahh.. knock each others head, Geng! Play tit-tao-kong? That fella with his tooth broken, pity him.

Finally, score 1 goal liao! Keep it up!!

Tonight Carbonex must rulz liao k?! HAHA

Stella Lee said...

oh, i was not there to watch the "precious" moment. You all had done great(i heard) and m sure will be better and better on incoming match...:-)

Dann said...

Henrick: Our Carbonex didnt did quite well last night. Hahaa... but i had a good game. ^^

Stella: Yea, we scored a goal, but we celebrated like we won a cup! Next match i wont be around. I'll be outstation. So... message me the result if you know the score line later on.