Saturday, July 25, 2009

That Thing We Do In Karaoke

College, thats where another chapter began its story, another journey unfold. It is where i felt my life is really starting. Adding in more vibe and vibrant, making it more meaningful in every aspect. One of the many thousand things i learned is singing. Not that im practically good in it, but its just that i enjoy the time spend and the leisure of expressing myself.

During my life in college, my gang and i usually go for a karaoke session before our afternoon class, and we would happily sing out loud. There is this time where 6 of us went for a karaoke session in Star KTV at OneStop. Each of us would then impersonate an artist, sing its song and make an interview.

Me (Jay Chou) singing An Jing (Silence)
Dexter (Andy Lau) singing Lian Xi (Practise)
YewMeng (Guang Liang) duet with Henrick (Ping Guan) singing Tong Hua (Fairytale)
Vince (Ron Ng) singing Bit Guai Ta (Dont Blame Her)
Jimmy (Bee Gees) singing Staying Alive

Until today, im still keeping all the footage with me. A collection as a proft on how crazy we could be. Here's another one on the once famous hit.

Tong Hua

As be fair to others, i put one of my own recordings first. Dont know why i sing an Indo Rock also, but i like that song...

Makin Aku Cinta

Among all the recording that i've made, somehow this is the best i've ever interviewed so far. Enjoy and have a good laugh. LOL. XD

Staying Alive

Honestly, its a custom that all of us like to bully him. At times he's like a scapegoat for us, and we'll make fun of him all the time. I know we are mean, but despite the numerous times, we're still the best buddies around. By the way, i like him singing the Hokkien song, Chin Nan Mong, literally for "Its hard to forget". Hahaa. ^^

I noticed that we are noisy. Hahahaa...

SideNote: I've taken permission from the artist wannabe before posting this entry... ^^


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i like d ah kua singing...

Staying Alive...

Jerald said...

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