Wednesday, July 8, 2009


21 December 2012. Probably many had heard the rumors claming the world would end in this very date. With all the theories spreading in an exponential rate in numerous books, Internet sites and TV documentaries, is it true that the end is near?

The movie 2012 is going to be released on November this year. And honestly, i just cant wait to see. I could see its something like The Day After Tomorrow where it shows massive disasters and destructions upon our lands, except The Day After Tomorrow focused more on the consequences of global warming. Here are the trailers on 2012.

Just the thought of the gigantic tsunami are going to consume the Himalaya Mountains are so overwhelming. Its like the beginning of an end.

The forecast is based on the Mayan Calendar or Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar that's reach the end of its baktun cycle in December 21 or 23, 2012 during winter solstice, along with interpretations of assorted legends, scriptures, numerological constructions and prophecies. To my understanding, when the baktun had reached its end, it will reset the numbers and move to a higher count, that marks a new dawn.

A New Age interpretation of this transition posits that, during this time, the planet and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation rather than an Armageddon, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a newer sociopolitical age for the global community. - this is what i believe.

The Mayan left us a calendar with symbols to decipher, and we found out that the cycle ends in 21 December 2012. But if the calendar is rounded without any polygons, why couldnt it be a continuality? For example in Chinese horoscopes, we're now living in the Year of Ox, so the next cycle is Year of Rabbit. Im sure you heard of those terms like "Stone Age", "Medieval Age" and "Modern Age"? To me, its quite the same as the concept of a baktun. Just numbers. Plus, the academic research does not indicate that the Mayan attached any apocalyptic significance to the year 2012.

Polar shifting as a result of galactic alignment. Constantly i wonder how true is it? Lets say it is going to happen, the scientists and the astronomers could not even create a prototype or simulate the exact scenario to strengthen their theory of pole shifting that cause the world end in just the matter of hours or days. Honestly i agreed on polar shifting due to magnetic forces, but if you're referring to the impacts and damages like in the movie 2012, i felt its too exaggerated.

The Hopi prophecy, the Bible's Book of Revelation, the prophecy of the Tiburtine Sybil, the Lost Book of Nostradamus, and even from the Merlin and Mother Shipton may reckon doomsday or end of the world. Whatever the end may be, they didnt proposed any date the catastrophes will occur. As a result, all those prophecies are subject to "applicable" whenever needed. Lets say 8 solid years from now, another hidden astrological artifact claims that a comet will hit on Earth in 2019, i bet those prophecies will be reused and recycle.

Thus, i believe all these are put together to create an uproar and uneasiness within us. With these curiosity, panic and fear, it would indirectly inject and propel increment of sales in books, magazines and papers as we feel the needs to find out more. Probably that would have answer why there's a sudden emergence of books that co-relate to 2012 in my local bookstores. Webpage popularity and number of hit counts in a day would gain them cash. Sort of blogging for money. Making a movie out of it, 2012, could instantly generate a huge some of income as well.

However, i believe that all these are mere speculations and assumptions. I'll remain skeptical until i've seen the truth. I'll rather believe in global warming that we are now experiencing. The poles are melting; climates are changing dramatically, the trapped heat in our atmosphere. But still, im very anticipate to watch 2012 in cinema. The CGI effects, the ideas and thoughts on how the world would face its dooms, are just intriguing. There are many things still need to be done before the year 2012, i still got a whole lots of things i want to do.

2012 is near... and you had been warned.


H e n r i c k said...

No matter how the world will end up, at least we have the chance to see our mother earth. :)

Roland Emmerich is gonna rock us out once again like how he did in The Day After Tomorrow. Plus, I think John Cusack is quite suited to his role in this film :)

Alnect Komputer said...

can't wait 2 c this movie too :)

Dann said...

Henrick: Yup, its going to be exciting to see how things end. The Day After Tomorrow is pure awesome, lets hope this 2012 doesnt lose out to it.

Alnect Komputer: Thanks for dropping by. Yea, its a must watch!