Monday, October 5, 2009

Clark Hatch Fitness Center at The Heritage Club

I've been worried about my fitness level lately, and its quite embarrassing i would say. Here's the reason why...

Remember i once participate in my company's inter-department soccer league? Well, during the whole tournament, im undeniably lacking of match fitness. Running for 5mins would end me panting and sprinting for 100meters would land me grasping for air. Short of breath, exhausted, fatigued and worn out. Thats how un-fit i am now. And the countless times my girlfriend said that im thin. Jadi i pakai baju pun tak berapa macho... Thus, i need some work out, i need more stamina.

One of the problems is my nature of work, as it resolves around in office. Sitting in front of computer from 8:10 to 5:30, the only major exercises i got are for my eyeballs and fingers. So it wouldnt be much surprise if one day you happened to notice a big bloated belly clinching on me. Mind you, having a belly is also a "福" (happiness, luck) for us men. Not everyone have the capabilities, potential and power to do so. LOL.

As a result, my dear registered me in Clark Hatch Fitness Center at The Heritage Club, Scotland Road as my birthday present. Thanks dear. I signed up for the weekend package at RM70 montly, which include Friday 7AM-10PM and weekends 9AM-7PM. The machines and facilities are quite similar to other fitness centers, not much significant difference. They provide cardio machines, body building facilities, steam room, studios, rpm, swimming pool... and so forth.

Free and secure parking since there are security guards. Ample parking space. Complimentary lounge with light meal and hot/cold drinks. Free WiFi. Changing room with lockers. Fully air-conditioned facility.

Shu dear holding my smelly shoe at The Heritage Club...

Honestly, its good for me whichever how i think of it. Some work out to stay fit and strong; healthy mind and body. Its about 4.5KM, thats around 8 minutes of driving distance from my house, not too far away. The weekend package also includes Friday, which is a good thing for me as sometimes im off during Friday. Apart from the exercise, i need to watch out my diet too.

If you're interested or for more detail, please dial 04-2288333. Shouldnt they give me any/extra benefits if i blog and promote about it. *ahem*

So... i got to be more hardworking to achieve the "V" shape. LOL.


Saw said...

why wanna be V shape ? be like me a shape of 8... ahha.. all the best mate..oh yea the food at the restaurant there is quite good too..go and spend some time with your dear there


Anonymous said...

Hi, i just passed by clark hatch heritage, just found out that it's under renovation. Do you why what is it renovating? and when it'll be back to service? what happen to the existing members?

Dann said...

Anonymous: The Clark Hatch at The Heritage Club is now under renovation. It said to finish on 1st April.