Friday, October 30, 2009

Ah Dann, The Lab Rat

Pinky and the Brain,
the Pinky has no brain...

The Pinky and the Brain, one of my childhood favourite cartoon. It about 2 lab rats with enormous ambition, trying to take over the world. Pinky is the tall and thin albino mouse with low IQ while the Brain, literally the name says it all. However despite their countless attempts, numerous shots, none ever succeeded, all was left in vain.

So here i am, as a lab rat... well, speaking metaphorically.

I was chosen due to my shortcoming. Im a test subject. A life specimen under surveillance. To report on the result after a month.

Actually the new sample products had arrived at the warehouse and they need to test it out the material and quality before launching to the market. As a result, i was summoned because i perspire easily whenever i consume something spicy or anything close to it. It runs in the family.

So this how the new glasses looks like...

frameless specs

It wasnt that bad considering i get to wear new glasses. I wonder if i could update and change it whenever new stocks coming? Like a fashion. LOL. Its cool to be a lab rat!

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LEon said...

I still remember the song for this cartoon. Very catchy.LOL