Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Do You Know When You Are Famous?

When journalists start to write about the great you. You appear in front cover of every magazine that you could possibly name. You're in "The Elite", you're the next big thing.

Even the all time famous "VOGUE" would like to interview you.

You make an appearance in a mug,
where fresh water is just as tasty as ever.

Kids would assemble your puzzles
instead of Mickey Mouse or their horoscope.

And when things start getting better, you hit the public.
The back alley.

Shopping mall.

On building.

In a countryside around Gateshead, Newcastle Upon-Tyne.

In the city at night.

In the advertisement at the busy street in Taiwan

In the streets of dimmed lights in romantic Paris.

And one of the greatest honors is when celebrities reckon you,
with Victoria Beckham holding a portrait of you in the red carpet.

And Jessica Alba adores you so much even its just a poster in a gala dinner.

When you could finally see yourself in Lourve, where people would admire your portrait,
You're standing right next to Mona Lisa.
Perfection is you, Complete is you. perfecto

You appear in the television

In the movie the Death Proof where you played a major role in the film success.

At the end of the day, you're in every people's hand. Dollar.

As far as you go, sometimes its not always good,
people would want you to be terminated...

At times it might be a little paranoid, but the fact is, you are everywhere. You just cant help it, the power of attraction draws you to the centre of attention. You're a star and papa-paparazzi is your best friend. The eldery wish you were their son; the men want to be just like you; the girls look at your poster every night before they sleep; the kids looks up to you as a fatherly figure.

Its not a crime to be famed; its not a sin to be famous. They made you. You're creating your own era, making your own history. You're a legend!

Hey, its stress at work. Couldnt i had a good time or two dreaming a little while? LOL. Thanks to, i get to play around and make myself famous!


SirSimplySaw said...

Good stuff...
ahha so leng chai..
oh yea dann I have sinned

Shu said...

siok sendiri~

enghoo said...


ah shu said...

haha! nice! sounds real. lol

Evil Toufu said...

Dann, tat's so cool!!! You look great :D