Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paper Craft: Bumblebee - Left Leg 2

Be amazed! This is the leg that im working on, the base. Its still no where near completion, but still, its looks decent and amazing.

The foot itself is 6 inches in length. Its said to be standing at 45 centimeters in height, so its approximately 3 feet high. A massive piece of art.

Brilliant isnt it? How i wish i could have more time to invest in it, im a busy man. Will keep up the good work though. Thanks for dropping by, have a nice day... ^^

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Juliana said...

I marvel at your determination to finish this project. Do show us your work when it's done! BB is waiting to come to life! :D

Nyctophobia said...

Found your site via juliana's... the bumblebee so far looks very good, best of luck with the project :) can the parts be moved or are they fixed? am not too familiar with papercraft :(

Dann said...

Juliana: Thanks for dropping by. Will definitely show it to the public when its done. Thanks for the comment. :D

Nyctophobia: Thanks for the compliment. Appreciate it. The parts/joins, some are fixed, while some can be moved. Giving it articulation, capability to move like a exact Bumbleebee in the movie. However, its quite frail and fragile. Thus, gotta always handle with care. :)

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