Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paper Craft: Bumblebee - Left Leg 1

Here's some updates on my Bumblebee papercraft.

With the completed wheel in my previous post, i've constructed the frame for it, touch up a little here and there, making it looks more solid and sophisticated.

It was then follow by the feet, or metatarsal, in football dictionary. While i was working my way constructing it using fragile paper, suddenly i realized that im using the right leg's paper referencing the left leg manual. Its kinda disappointing and frusfrating after much effort being poured in. Detail analysis doesnt show much damage except for the faded color after the "repair" operation. Here's the so called metatarsal.

I doubt i would be able to complete it before the release of the sequel, Transformers 3. However still, its my new found hobby since last year, something that i enjoy doing.

Next week onwards, i'll be working part time during weekends. Life's terrible when you walk along the streets without buying power. Thus, thats what i gotta do to earn some side income to fund my Google Nexus One. This also subject to lesser time in my Bumblebee papercraft.

Success is when you're not giving up. So... JIA YOU AhDann!!!

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Anonymous said...

Go on Danny ... nice arts work!