Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paper Craft: Bumblebee - Left Leg 4

Finally the papercraft Bumblebee's left leg has been completed. I understood that its been like 3-4 months without any major updates, my deepest apology, for my leisure hours are pretty much occupied, considering im on 2 jobs, full time and part time respectively. Thus, im one of those people who work 7 days a week, everyday with least rest.

Back to the subject. On my previous entry, i did post images associate then as part of the Bumblebee's leg, which expectedly left several of my readers in the mist of doubtfulness. Never mind that. Here you are, the left leg of Mr Bumblebee.

Here's the height comparison of the papercraft Bumblebee, together with Human Alliance Bumblebee and Legend Class Bumblebee. The height of the leg itself is around 10 inches tall, so you could imagine the whole figure would be pretty much impressively HUGE!!!

I have a request, though i doubt it would come true. I've been considering to include a watermark/trademark on the photos i've post up in my blog or my facebook, but im not a man with full of creativity. As a result, could any dear readers help to create a watermark for me? Something that includes "Dann", or maybe also "Leong" next to it. Logo? Simple and nice. *pray*

Editted on 13 March 2010: Finally i got my photos filled with watermark. Million of thanks to LEon and the rest of the related parties for their professional guidance... ^^

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LEon said...

Well done. When you going to assemble it?

Dann said...

LEon: Thanks for the encouragement! I'll try to keep up. Most probably i'll continue with the right leg production next week onwards. Im looking forward to complete it before July 2011... ^^

Anonymous said...

Awesome outcome of paper craft! Keep it up Dann :D

Juliana said...

Wow, that paper BB leg is huge! Congrates on completing this stage of your project! Looking forward to seeing the completed BB! Keep it up, "add oil, add oil"! :D

Dann said...

CollectiveSoul: Thanks for the continuous support!!! I'll keep up the good work, and looking forward for you to start too... :P

Juliana: Its an honor to have you dropping me comment. Thanks on the wishes... ^^

josemar said...

Hey Dann! how are you man? I am very impressed about your project bumblebee.
I would like to know if you finished it.
Can you please post some pictures of the head of him. It's because i am doing the same project and i am having some difficult in it.
I'll be thankfull if you do it for me. or you can sand it for my email too.
My name is Josemar de Jesus Alves
Im from Brazil
since righ now. thanks.
I'll be wainting for a answer.

Dann said...

hi josemar,
thanks for dropping by. Im afraid these are just the parts which im completed so far, im sorry to disappoint you, but i guess i've drop out the project for quite some time already. been busy with work and daily routine.
i'll try my best to continue whenever possible. thanks.

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