Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A New Venture?

Should i? Or should i not?

It was in the morning, immediately after my breakfast, when this invitation knocks at my door. It was from someone with a familiar sight, however we didnt know each other by name.

He is forming a team of peoples to develop a system. Lets call him L at the moment since its kinda cool with the "L" initial. Death Note. Perfectly match with his mysterious appearance when he confronted me today, thanks to SookMei's recommendation.

There would be quite a number of peoples involved. Mostly are in their field of expertise in different areas. Ranging from Double-E to Robotic Engineering, IT to Marketing. So basically, im not alone in the programming world if i accept the offer.

The exact scope, im not pretty sure at the moment, which is why my confidence level is quite below par even though im interested. Zero knowledge of what im suppose to do until further details and discussions. The technical level seems to be difficult, which means there would be loads of researches and studies involved into the frame of work.

Sit back and look around, i've seen couple of my colleagues missed their chances in securing a better spot of lifestyle. Somehow i questioned myself...
What if this is it? What if this is all there is to my life?

I dont want my life to be written in where i am. If i stay within my loop, i'll never know whats ahead of me, or hows the world would be. This might be the opportunity for a better prospect. A chance to be more than a name, or a face in the crowd. A place where i could test my limits, how far i can go.

If the project turns out to be a success, bright future awaits me. However, if it fails... there's nothing to lose (i suppose). But the question is, will i be able to live up to it?

he is... L

This might be the time. To try something new; to venture into something beyond my niche; to explore what is there. I wanna make a difference in my life!!!


After all, no pain, no gain...


Vince Yeoh said...

Dann, what you mention is full time or part time "project"?

Dann said...

Not quite sure at the moment. But i guess its part time at the moment... depend on how it progress.

GiN said...

good luck man!sounds like a good start of going the distance.what would u have wanted me to say!haha..

Falcon said...

yup Go the Distance!!

Dann said...

Thanks Gin and Falcon for the support. Appreciate it.

I just came back from the meeting with L. It seems very challenging and interesting. Wide scope. But its something out of my field, something nice to venture on. A good place where i could test my limits...

However the confidence level is rather low... i need to do more research. =S

P.S. L even made me a proposal of the project!!!