Sunday, August 10, 2008

Old Town's Discrepancy (Part II)

This entry, is the continual/ follow up from the previous Old Town Discrepancy posted on July. Guess its about time to feedback on the findings as well.

Does efficiency and response time able justify the effectiveness of a system? For instance, Old Town franchise. Due to the difference of prices in some of the branches, my friend Eileen, mailed to Old Town to clarify some of pondering thoughts on the exact same day. She's fast.

Here it goes...
"Hie. I would like to know is the price for the food in all OldTown outlets the same or each outlet has its own price? Because at the moment, i have come across 2 outlets in Penang with 2 different price and im kinda surprise and taken a back at the standard of OldTown. Please clarify. Thanks in advance."

In our MSN conversation...
Dann: guess how long does it takes to reply?
Eileen: they say 5 days
Dann: o.O
Eileen: "Do use this general inquiry form and send us an email to OLDTOWN. Your email will be answered personally by a member of the team within the next 5 working days."
Dann: that should be... this weekend =)

Patiently we waited. By the time im posting this, its now 20 days, and still without a single reply. OldTown... guess the name already explains itself... =x

However, according to Phoenie who has a friend once work at one of the Old Town branches, said this, "Different branches in Old Town have different manager in charge. And in each branches there are allow to have their own prices on items sold. BUT, there are a minimal and maximal amount of increment they must obey. Else the value would be too much of difference."

Here's another update of prices gathered at Old Town, Autocity.



As for the conclusion, you'll decide then... =)


Shu said...

Regardless of the price, I still love Old Town cos the coffee is cheap and good. I mean, if you were to compare to Starbucks and Coffee Bean, Old Town is still a good place to hang out, don't you agree?

Dann said...

There's nothing more refreshing than a cup of coffee blend with richness of taste and aroma. Not to mention the priceless moment where you could possibly laughs, cheers and get together with friends and relatives... =)

Definitely i agree with you. Hmm... now i feel like having some coffee at OldTown. Who's with me?