Monday, August 4, 2008



"Ti Ta Ti Ta", the sound comes from the rooftop. Humming its own melody. Not too light nor heavy, just enough to present itself in a cozy manner.

Its been raining for hours now, and im not carrying an umbrella. Quite unusual for the month like this to rain so much. April fall has over, but it doesnt seems to stop. Or was it he doesnt want it to end? For at least there's someone above, shed the tears of heaven understanding his emotions. So he doesnt need to feel alone.

The world looks like a classic television in mono color. Black and white; dull and dry. Where had he placed the forgotten smile? Heartache. Eyes become tired and heavy; everything become still and steady.

Let me sleep, let me rest; let me lay down and forget the world...

Im indecisive. Im not ready... How should i proceed?


Thanks SzeSze for the guidance. Why didnt i thought about it earlier? LOL.

Its clearer now. I know where to go from here... =)

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