Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Scent

Its not by the color of the skin; the circle of the eyes; nor the curve of the hair. How much difference is uniquely special? The water doesnt taste, so does the air you breathe. But what makes a rhythm rhyme or the bells chime?

For the least it is, if you stop and stare, still and smell... its there. It may be faint, but "NO", you wont faint. Subtle. Just enough to pop your leg; enough to sweep off your feet. Its familiar, does it feels like home? Does it fill your senses and loses your defenses?

You thought perhaps it might be true. The best thing in life doesnt cost a penny, million dollars doesnt weights the value. A natural scent. And that... is the next best thing after you.

Thus i wonder... wondering if you're able to find me in a masquerade party then?


PhoeNieTam said...

E...why change the title's name?

Dann said...

Shhhh... *keep quiet*
Felt that name wasnt much a good one to post, so i end up putting a more general title... =x

shinyin_jocelyn said...

the familiarity which lingers... it haunts, sometimes...