Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Life Being An Artist

I paint, that's what i do for a living.

A writer's job description is to put words into a sentence, sentences into an article. Well, mine aint differ much from bring a writer. Lines to a figure, figures to picture, portraits to humans, buildings to scenaries. That's what i am. I am a painter.

Being the novice painter back then, i happened to create a blog with a domain name of myself. Awesome isnt it? It's like in the ocean of trembling seas, somehow there's an island out of nowhere. And that very island, is mine. Classic contrast of black and white. It can be view here.

that's me, Danny Leong

The original idea was to pencil my life being an artist and display my work. Who knows if there might be someone mailing me, claim to buy my masterpiece?

However after my first post, laziness got the better off me, resulted i've abandoned this space. Plus... im more of a painting kind of man, not the typical typing geek with thick glasses (though im wearing specs).

It wasnt long before someone did notice my ability. She's now my finance manager. Collect my paintings and market it, more like a middleman. Whether its in auction, gallery or someone's else office, she would obtain a minimal percentage of income based on each painting sold. That's our agreement and it sounds pretty good to me.

Well, of cause im not the great Isaac Mendes in Heroes, i cant paint the future. Else my drawings would worth millions for those who believe New York would explode in September.

Nonetheless, many people misunderstood me for having one of a best job ever. But little do they know, i do have deadlines to chase. Submission of my artwork every Tuesday. Inspiration can be easily run out and not every painting would generate me payroll. Probably that's why you would see me indulging myself in coffee.

Though im now more than well to do, but its not easy to be me.

Childhood dream, i've last fulfill it, as an artist. Tasting every moment and live it out loud. Be more than a name, or a face in the crowd. Arms open wide, face to the sun.

This is the time of my life...


Thanks for reading. Ladies and gentlemen, the above are strictly fictional... Its another of my random writting. Wonder if it ever lead you to another me that varies? A split personality? Schizophrenia? No, i dont need a doctor, im not sick... =x

Based on Eileen's entry in her Journey so far, i too had found another me quite some time ago. Guess this time around, i portray it in another way. In a one shot. There's someone out there, roaming half across the globe, having an identical name as mine.

Im not alone...


PhoeNieTam said...

[quote]Lines to a figure, figures to picture, portraits to humans, buildings to scenaries.[/quote]

haha...i like this sentense the most...
ya,now i know the reason u borrow me The Beautiful Mind liao..haha...

Dann said...

hehe, thanks for reading... =)

H e n r i c k said...

nice quote indeed =)