Monday, July 21, 2008

Old Town's Discrepancy

This week on The Journey, we bring you something blizzard that might shock your brain out of your head... okay, wasnt to that extend. However ladies and gentlemen, the fact might had your eyes grew larger and your mouth open wide.

In this episode, one of our private investigator Ms Jessie Teh, made several trips and dine at one of our local franchise, Old Town. Respectively at E-Gate and New World Park.

Ordering quite a number of same items, just to realize that the pricing was different!!!

Evidence? Moment of truth...

check out the prices (click to enlarge)

According to the receipt generated from the computerized billing, the cost of a hot White Coffee in E-Gate compare to New World Park is cheaper by 30cents. While you would have to pay extra 50cents if you ordered Curry Mee in New World Park!!!

These are just two items that she found out. There may be more ladies and gentlemen, there may be more...

We as a consumer, we do understand that the rentals are pretty much neck choking and arm chopping if you were to start a business like this. Furthermore the geographical and climate differences are another solid reason.

However ladies and gentlemen, its not right to compare the price of McD in Penang to Genting. This is because there are several aspects beside rental cost that hike up the price. Same goes to the petrol. So dear audiences, is it wise to have discrepancy in pricing of item sold within a franchise at Penang itself? Old Town in E-Gate and in New World Park.

The next question... how many of you actually did realize this?

For those who are curious, you may start your little adventure and do some survey. May this not bring any unhappiness to those who read it, let it bring awareness to those who came across it. Besides... its a consumer's right to know.

Hmm, i wonder... Should i send to The Star Newspaper? Do you know there's a column where the readers could send in photo and the winner could grab an amount of RM50 daily. Hehee... am i lucky enough then?

Notice that even im slamming on the differences of pricing; you will still be seeing me again at that venue the next time. Why? There's nothing more refreshing than a cup of coffee blend with richness of taste and aroma. Not to mention the priceless moment where you could possibly laughs, cheers and get together with friends and relatives... =)


yuki tenshi said...

i noticed it ever since Old Town just open in New World Park. and i did mentioned it a few times while we were thr...-.-

Dann said...

Really? Gosh... Guess im hearing, but aint listening. What was i thinking? LOL. Lets head over to several branches and do some survey shall we?

xaen said...

it's slightly a bigger portion at New World Park, so I guess that's make it up to the much exp price...

bjlau said...

wow .. didn't know there's differences in the pricing ... anyway not really old town fans ...

shinyin_jocelyn said...

There's nothing more refreshing than a cup of coffee blend with richness of taste and aroma. Not to mention the priceless moment where you could possibly laughs, cheers and get together with friends and relatives... =) -agreed!
but i quitted coffee and actually ordered orange juice at old town! haha!! XD

Dann said...

Amy: Bigger portion? Wow... i didnt even notice that. To get to the bottom of this, i guess we'll have to wait till they mail my friend their reply.

Beejay: The price of coffee is much more economical compare to CB and SB. So probably that's why im quite a fan. =x

Jocelyn: What makes you quit coffee? Perhaps you might wanna share. =)

yuki tenshi said...

ya... bigger portion. either that or just the bowl bigger wif more soup in it =P
only apply to food thou, m not sure bout the drinks.

@dam said...

hey bro,

notice the registration number under the company name?
both receipts have different numbers.
probably different franchisee thus different pricing.
maybe they have a minimum price to follow but they have the freedom to vary...

anyway, for really good a penangite, i wouldn't recommend Old Town! It's not even the best in KL!
Go the lorong near Campbell Street!
Ask Toh Kit, he knows!
Even Lim Guan Eng drinks there dude!
It's damn nice with its roti toast!
that's what I call local coffee!

Dann said...

Amy: You are really observant!!!

Adam: Wow, even Lim Guan Eng goes there? Should try it out then. No no, its a MUST try... =)

Joyce said...

=.= not much of a coffee drinker(good news i guess?) but!!! we must go try that lorong near Campbell Street. since Lim Guan Eng goes there too.