Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Arsenal FC: The Beautiful Game

Arsenal... where had it all went wrong? A constant question without definate answer.

Looking back on those years where the non-flying dutchman Bergkamp partnering king Henry threatening the defence. My idol Pires, launching attacks on the left flank and Ljungberg on the right wing menacing the penalty box. With great captaincy of Vieira handling the team responsibility, while lynchpin Gilberto will be holding defence duty on this shoulder. Cole and Lauren charging up front with every opportunity. Solid defending by Campbell and Toure and great hand keeping by Lehmann.

It is almost a perfect combination. Inch perfect passing. Great one-two. Toying the defence. And the next thing you know... its a GOAL!!! Having played mesmerizing and breath-taking football, many agreed that they are one of the best in Europe. Dangerous on counter attacks and their favourite left side of the field. It was these great men dominating EPL and handed professor Wenger with a season unbeaten. They were named, The Invinsible.

The compilation below is one of the prove that many enjoy watching Arsenal.

Arsenal FC: The Beautiful Game

What happened to the Invinsible? Wherever they had gone to, i, Dann, salute them. *respect*

Back to earth... Arsenal, stop showing me shit-ty stuffs. Play at your top gear and fight for the crown!!!

I got myself featured in my friend's blog. Im now floating... *phew* *phew*


confessions of a medical student said...

why guys like football so much?
makan bola, tidur bola, mimpi bola~

Dann said...

I guess something never change.

Vince Yeoh said...

Bro, I'm giving this comment as a football fan.

I think Arsenal should not invest too much on young lads, lack of experience will cost Arsenal the chance of winning EPL.

A team which can beat Manchester United and Chelsea, but end up lost to the like of Fulham, Hull City, Stoke City, Aston Villa and Manchester City.

The worst is, current standing is even lower than Aston Villa.

bjlau said...

i think thing are very simple ... gunners have too much youngster who try to do too much ended up doing delivered too little ...

a few experience star would help especially for Cesc Fab ...
also get rid of virus in the dressing room for sure