Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Photos From Newcastle Upon-Tyne (Part 1)

Its been pretty cold here, 5 degrees, and the single integer could go even lower without any hesitation. So i have to wrap myself in like a dumpling (so called bacang whenever im going out.

I dont feel like a tourist over here, more like im a citizen who lives here. Besides travelling around, i do some daily chores like washing clothes, groceries, light cooking and even online. LOL.

So far so good, i enjoyed my stay here. Though the weather is cold, but i find it rather pleasing. The cool cold chilly wind blows towards us, its so good. Nice. The food are great, Fish & Chips. I didnt find it dull nor boring. The peoples here are fashion conscious. The bus system, traffic, EVERYTHING is so wonderful. Im starting to like this place. "Jump Plane", just kidding. =)

this is where im now living, Byron Street

some sights...

Grey Monument

St Nicholas Church

Castle Keep


Laing's Art Gallery

Such a lovely place... *heart*

at the country side


Vince Yeoh said...

You didn't visit St. James Park?

Dann said...

St James Park is in my list of places to visit. Dont worry. Gonna visit the stadium maybe tomorrow or the following day.