Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Colleague's Wedding

I attended my colleague wedding on last Saturday at Sungai Siput. Thats about 2 hours of distance from where i stay. Departed from Penang around noon with 2 cars 9 passengers. Considering wasnt sure of the route, i could only tag along my colleague's car ahead of me.

congratulations to Wong SzeSze and her husband!!!

Doing 110 on the freeway, we had quite a number of adventures. Massive truck scream its horn on me... oops, sorry. Countless U-turn we've made along the journey. GPS navigation system making a fool of us with endless loops of "recalculating" and got us once in a wrong direction. Along our way, we got Miku John and Ah Tox entertaining us with hilarious PenangHokkien tales.

Arrived at the wedding dinner and were bloated with 10 course meals. Surprisingly the first dish or rather the appetizer, was served in generously large portions. Beer, wine and liquor. We were even summoned to go on stage and sing a song or two for the night.

we're singing... la la la...

hidden truth, he wasnt too good in singing... =x

group photo

we look too serious for the photo didnt we?

okay, not so serious... =)

OMG! Adultery!!! LOL, just kidding...
It was one of the games held before meeting the bride


We learned that the flies in Sungai Siput are bigger and tougher. Unlike Penang, they come in packs, they aint afraid of you. Its one thing we're sick of, is having flies all over the place. And the best parts of all, the flies become a customary sight for the locals. YUCKS!!!

the flies even on the wedding car

On Sunday, we head over to Ipoh for dim sum at Foh San. Ipoh Jusco for shopping, Kuang Sing for Nga Choy Kai, Perak Cave Temple (Pi Li Tong) for heritage visit and dinner at AutoCity, Juru. Unfortunately, we didnt have a chance to visit Kellies Castle at Batu Gajah, Perak as well.

at the entrance of Pi Li Tong

inside the Pi Li Tong

On our way back to Penang, we stopped by the rest house for bio break. Guess who we met? One of the TVB actor and also a Sek San, Leung Mun Hou!!! He and Kun Yan Na was food hunting at Ipoh. Here's the link.

photo with Sek San, Leung Mun Hou

Its been a wonderful weekend. Though sleeping on a rock solid ground with least comfortable mattress, but its a great outing. Everybody had a good time.

P.S. More photos will be uploaded once i've got them from my colleague... Stay tune.


Stella Lee said...

i will remember ah tok n miku dat accompany us along d way..:-)

Vince Yeoh said...

Bro, so ngam meet him ar, so lucky...

Dann said...

Stella: Hahaa, talking about Pak Tor, its really funny. LOL.

Vince: Yea, lifetime oppourtunity. Kun Yan Na was there also, but didn saw her. Else another artist will be joining us.